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Empire of Sin – Combat Tips & Tricks

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Combat Tips & Tricks

  • Keep your Crew Geared: Your crew members are your family and your toolbox in this city. They’ll help you get the job done. But they’ll need to be kept well geared if they’re going to last more than 5 minutes. Remember to frequently check your crew members’ weapons, utility, and equipment slots for upgrades or replace used items. The Black Market will help keep you stocked up if you’re running low on supplies.


  • Mean Streets of Chicago: Chicago is a busy place with lots of movers and shakers. It isn’t just the major factions at play in this town. You have to keep your eyes peeled whenever you’re on the streets because you never know who’s just around the corner. Whenever you enter Ambush mode, you should always pay special attention to the combat queue at the top of the screen. This will tell you who’s nearby and who will get drawn into your fight if you start one.


  • Know Your Exits: If you find yourself in a sticky situation and the odds aren’t in your favor, you should consider haulin’ your keister out of there. There isn’t no coming back from death for you or your gangsters. Escaping from combat can save your life. Always make sure to know where your escape points are located. These are the white tiles highlighted around doors and the edge of the combat area when fighting outside.


  • Making the most of an Ambush: There’s nothing like gettin’ the drop on your enemies while they have their pants down around their ankles. Out on the streets, pressing ambush mode will let you get the drop on enemy squads. Move each of your guys into position and set them to Overwatch on your targets. Once you’re set up, use your last crew member to initiate the fight. Now sit back and watch your enemies get gunned down as they run into your perfectly placed overwatch area. Pure perfection!


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