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Empire of Sin – Gangster Promotion Guide

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Gangster Promotion

Every boss needs the right people at their right hand, and gangsters can be promoted up through the ranks of your crew. A gangster can be made your Advisor or an Underboss. A gangster can be promoted to Advisor once you have 100 Notoriety – having an Advisor will provide a loyalty bonus to your other gangsters.


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It would help if you had a notoriety level of 500 to assign an Underboss, but once you do, you can send them to manage the business in your primary safe house. Underbosses will reduce the wages paid to gang members based on their leadership. Below that, loyal soldiers can become Lieutenants assigned to other safe houses in different neighborhoods. To be promoted, a gangster has to be Made – this will happen when they kill someone under your command. As seen above, you can keep track of your gang’s hierarchy on the tab next to the hiring screen in the Black Book.


You can assign your gangster to Advisor or Underboss in the Gangster sheet when you’ve got the notoriety requirement. Select “Change Role” at the bottom of the screen, and choose from the roles available. You can only have one Advisor and one Underboss, so choose them carefully. Lieutenants can be assigned by interacting with the desk in another neighborhood’s safehouse or simply by purchasing a safe house in another neighborhood.


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