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Epic Battle Fantasy 5 – Skills & Unlocks

9 January 2019, Wednesday, 3:16:28


  • Protect (buff): Matt starts with this skill


  • Barrier (buff): NoLegs starts with this skill (room right of Matt’s house)


  • Snow Bunnies (special): Mungus (next to kitchen in Hope Harbor)


  • Heal/Healmore (special): Natalie starts with this skill (room left of Hope Harbor equip shop, after taking the Shovel)


  • Encore (special): Molly (in room north of Jerry’s house)


  • Purify (special: Bessie (in room north of Jerry’s house)


  • Bind (debuff): Indy (Wild Tropics Monolith Room)


  • Ivy/Vines (physical skill): Woehiv (in native family room)


  • Sawblade/Shredder (physical skill): Jorma (Room south of Eastern Ice cave exit)


  • Gaia Seed/Gaia Bloom/Gaia Blossom (magic skill): Erika (Slime Cat room)


  • Dispel (special): Anna starts with this skill (room right of No Man’s Land Slime Bunny)


  • Shock/Surge (physical skill): Rebel (first room of Iron Fortress)


  • Debilitate (debuff): Lance starts with this skill (obtained after defeating him and the Neon Valkyrie as the Iron Fortress Boss)


  • Ion Cannon (limit break): Lance starts with this skill (obtained after defeating him and the Neon Valkyrie as the Iron Fortress Boss)


  • Lock On (buff): Jerry (Right outside Jerry’s house, accessible after defeating Lance and Neon Valkyrie)


  • Annihilate (limit break): Randy (next to Greenwood equip shop)


  • Power Metal (magic skill)(special): Xavi (first room of Iron Fortress)


  • Reflex (buff): Pablo (next to Grumpy Guy’s house)


  • Air/Airwave/Shockwave (magic skill): Lenk (outside Anna’s house)


  • Gale/Tempest (physical skill): Izumi (japanese training area)


  • Screamer (debuff): Goth (Below where the stepladder is in Mystic Woods)


  • Revive (special): Angela (In first hollowed out tree in Mystic Woods)


  • Purging Flame (magic skill)(debuff): Also Angela (In first hollowed out tree in Mystic Woods)


  • Bullet Bob/Big Bullet (physical skill): Weeb’s quest (pink slime cat room, after beating Laurelin)


  • Giga Drill (physical skill)(special): Aniki’s quest (room south of Iron Fortress Entrance)


  • Tsunami (limit break): Maya (room south of pink slime cat)


  • Bubble/Bubble Blast (magic skill): Fizz (room south of Greenwood Grumpy Guy’s house)


  • Supernova (limit break): Gina (puzzle in room west of westernmost Poseidon Skull resting area)


  • Absolute Zero (limit Break): King’s quest (room north of Poseidon)


  • Enfeeble (debuff): Maka’s quest (room right of Zombie Slime Cat)


  • Energy, Energy Barrage (magic skill): Albrecht’s quest (room south of zombie slime cat)


  • Fire Spin (debuff): Shione’s Quest (Redpine Steroid shop)


  • Death Metal (limit break): Jessica’s quest (Redpine Steroid shop)


  • Heavenly Shield (buff): Canela’s quest (Zombie Slime Cat room, after visiting Rapture)


  • Flare (debuff): Wakizashi’s quest (first room of Rapture)


  • Black Hole (limit break): Akira’s quest (Iron Fortress Monolith room, must have completed Sam’s quest in The Rapture)


  • Hidden Power (limit break): Kiran’s Quest (room north of Redpine Food/Steroid shops)


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