The Escapists 2 Achievement Guide


Achievement Guide

General Achievements

The Olympian
– Max out the fitness stat.
This can be done in any prison at the gym. Do this during “exercise time” at the hacky sack looking game. To get your energy back go to the showers, eat food, lay on a bed or sit in a chair. When you have 100 the achievement will pop.



Criminal Mastermind
– Max out the intillect stat.
This can be done in any prison at the library. Go to a bookcase and play the mini game. Keep the red bar between the lines. To get your energy back go to the showers, eat food, lay on a bed or sit in a chair. When you have 100 the achievement will pop.



Ripped on the Inside
Max out the strength stat.
This can be done in any prison at the gym. Do this during the “exercise time” at the weight rack. To get your energy back go to the showers, eat food, lay on a bed or sit in a chair. When you have 100 the achievement will pop.



– Max out all 3 character stats.
Intellect at library / bookcases around prison. Strength at gym. Fitness at gym. To get your energy back go to the showers, eat food, lay on a bed or sit in a chair. When you have 100 the achievement will pop.



Tell me what’s your favour
– Complete 100 favours.
You will get this over time by completing the little green ! marks over people.


To Me
– Enter a multiplayer only area.
To get this done the fastest be on Cougar Creek Railroad Prison. The multiplayer only area is marked by a huge door. Do the mini game to allow your friend in. Only one person can enter at a time. The first player in will get the achievement. Open the door to let your friend back out so they do the mini game and let you in so you can get the achievement as well.


Soap on a rope
– Spend 3 days total time in the showers over multiple prisons/sessions.
Easiest way to get this is on Central Perks 2.0. After the first roll call go to the showers. Sit there and miss everything until roll-call at the end of the day.


Pour us a brew will yer, love?
– Make a cup of tea and gift it to another inmate or guard.
Craft a cup of tea under the 30+ tab. Cup of tea is a cup, tea bag, and lump of sugar. You need intellect of 30 or higher to craft this. After making the cup of tea give it to a guard or inmate.


IOpen prison
– Play a classic game online.
Load up any classic prison. Transport prison does not count. When in game change it to public then back out of the game. The achievement should pop.
Classic prisons are
Centre perks 2.0
Rattlesnake springs
KAPOW camp
HMP offshore
fort tundra
Area 17
USS anamoly


Naked Lunch
– Attend dinner while being naked.
Remove your clothes right before going to dinner.


Music Maestro
– Play on instrument for 1 hour of in game time.
Easiest place is centre perks 2.0. Go to the music room and play an instrument for 1 hour of game time. 1 hour of game time is 1 minute real time.


Good intentions
– Go 3 consecutive days without raising your guard heat above 0 in a single session.
Start a new game in centre perks 2.0.
Get to roll call and wait till next routine
Get to breakfast and wait.
Don’t get in trouble during free time
Eat lunch and wait.
Get to job office, sit down and wait
Get to exercise room. Just use an equipment
Use the shower
Get to dinner and wait
dont get in trouble during free time
get to roll call and wait for bed
lights out. go to sleep in your cell
do this 2 more times and you should get the achievement


Dr. Love
– Get whisked away by a hunky medic.
Get beaten up by a guard or inmate.


– Craft 50 unique items
Being that there are over 50 items in the game you will get this over the course of the 10 prisons you do. Just keep crafting things you come across and it will eventually unlock the achievement. Favours help



Artful dodger
– Craft an item.
Simply craft any item.



all Mod Cons.
– Use a customised character in game.
Just make a character and use it in game



Naked chef
– Complete a quota of the kitchen job while being naked.
easiest done on KAPOW. See who has the kitchen job. Search for them and talk to them before breakfast. Make sure your intelligence is up to 40 so you can take the kitchen job at job board. Make 4 pies and place them on the ready food table.



Crook of all trades
– Complete quota once for each of the jobs over multiple prisons/sessions.
Check the job board for name of prisoner who has the job you want. During job time check their profile and they wont move. You can also hit him once and have him chase you. When the job period is over he will lose his job so you can claim it for yourself.
Shoe making. 40 strength 80 int. – bcentre perks 2.0 and rattlesnake springs
Mail 30 strength 40 int. – centre perks and kapow
Waste. 60 str. 30 int.- centre perks, rattlesnake, area 17
painting. 40 strength 30 int. – Centre perks, rattlesnake, tundra
woodwork 30 str. 40 int.- rattlesnake, hmp offshore
Farming. 30 str. 30 int. – kapw, uss anomaly
plumbing. 40 str 40 int. – kapw, tundra, area 17
kitchen. 30 str 40 int – kapow, uss anomaly
mining 70 str 30 int – hmp offshore and uss anomaly
blacksmith: 50 str 80 int – hmp offshore, fort tundra, area 17
kennels: 30 str 30 int – HMP offhsore, fort tundra
engineering 30 str 80 int – area 17, uss anomaly



Are you lonesome tonight?
– Spend 3 days total time in solitary over multiple prisons/sessions.
Get caught doing something. Surrendering will automatically put you in solitary for 3minutes (3hours). Do this 24 times and you should get the achievement.



Man’s best friend
– Gain a high enough opinion from a dog.
Kennels job. You need 30 strength and 30 intelligence. Can be done at HMP offshore or Fort tundra. Go to the job board and find name of person who has the job. Just before job time find the prisoner and go to his profile so they dont move or hit them so they chase you around. After job time go to job board to claim his job.



Keep it clean
Tag 200 places throughout any prison.
Make a tag when you are doing other stuff





the cake is a lie
– Attack a guard with a cake.
Get 60 intelligence. Cake recipe is lumps of sugar, milk and flour. Hit a guard with it and the achievement should pop.


riot act
– Play a versus game online.
Play versus mode. Make prive and invite your friend. The achievement should pop soon as game starts.


online enforcer
– win 10 online versus games.
Wins do not count if the other player quits out. Create an all transport private match. Invite your friend to game. Alternate wins with your friend. At end of match the game reverts to public so you have to recreate another game after each win.


mans worst friend
– Get mauled by a guard dog.
Easiest way is to miss roll call to get 5 stars. The dogs will come after you.


im the daddy
– knock out every inmate at least once in a single prison.
Easiest in area17 (4 prisoners) or rattlesnake springs (8 prisoners). Get a weapon to knock down enemies easier. Sock and soap or a quest to get a weapon. The achievement will pop when you knock out the last prisoner.


i am your father
– Fight another player in the uss anomaly when you are both aremd with energy swords.
You need 70 intellect. Requires 4 batteries, 4 wires, 2 broom handles. Craft energy module with 2 battery. Combine energy module with a broom handle and a wire to get energy sword. Do this again and give the energy sword to your friend and then attack eachother with swords. The achievement should pop.


bad intentions part 2
– knock out 50 guards.
Easiest to do with a weapon.
bad intentions
– knock out 100 inmates.
Does not have to be different inmates. You can beat up the same one again and again. Easiest to do with a weapon.




This will not tell you how to escape. I believe people should learn how to themselves.



the mobile escapist
– escape from all 3 of the base game transport prisons.
Escape from the following prisons:
Cougar creek railroad
HMS orca
air force con
after you escaped these 3 prisons the achievement will pop.



the great escape
– escape all classic prisons.
normal prisons are as follows:
Centre perks 2.0
Rattlesnake springs
kapow camp
hmp offshore
fort tundra
uss anomaly



I’ve got a cunning plan
– Perform 7 unique escapes across the classic prisons.
You can check your escapes in the criminal record section on main menu. A filled in key will be displayed if you completed it.
! = escapse requires 2 players to do

centre perks 2.0
meet the crew
last post !
rattlesnake springs
Zip it up
take out the trash !
kapow camp
speed mcqueen
glide to victory !
hmp offshore
bad intentions !
trash talk
swimming with dolphins
fort tundra
rock hammer hard place
fun with jeeps !
im only human
alien technology !
uss anomaly
race from space
peas in a pod !



i want to believe
– escape area 17 prison.
Need 60 intellect. 1 black in, 1 feather, 2 plastic item. 2 lighers, 2 talcum powders, 2 toothpaste, security pass, maintenance/civ. clothes. Craft plastic red key, plastic cyan key, security pass.



holiday blues
– escape centre perks 2.0 prison.
Make a dummy and cutters.



escaping is my forte
– escape the rattlesnake springs prison.
You’ll need shovel, cutters, pickaxe.



drying out
– escape the hmp offshore prison.
Get intelligence to 70. Grather branch, string, paper clip, and a worm. Worm are found on guards. Rest of items are desks. Also needed is a fake red key so get putty and molten plastic. To make putty you need toothpaste and talcum powder. Make a fake red card and get a guard uniform. You will also need a cake so make sure you collect the ingredients for that.



chilled out
– escapse fort tundra prison.
Find quest for rock hammer hard favour. Complete this 8 times. You need a bed dummy, yellow key, purple key, cutters and a guard uniform.



call of snooty
– escape hmp offhsore on snooty the dolphin.
You will get this if you escape hmp offshore prison via snooty



a camp departure
– escape the kapow camp prison.
You will need screwdriver, mints, yellow energy drink, three paint cans. You will need to repair the bike.



one pixellated step
– escape the uss anomaly prison.
You will need 2 cutters and a screwdriver.

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