Expeditions: Conquistador Cheats


In the overworld map (not throughout struggles), press the Console key (Backspace by Default) and type one the commands as noted. Press Get Enter. Change the entire Parenthesis with the first name of the character you desire the code to influence if the Code consists of (firstname). If the code consists of (ItemName), change the parenthesis With the name of the item as received your stock, capitalized precisely the exact same Method, however without SPACES. If the code consists of a #, change it with whatever Number you desire.




Setmorale (firstname) # – Change a certain character’s morale.

Illuminati – Display all plot variables.

Devmode – Enable teleportation with the T key.

Giveitem (ItemName) # – Give yourself a certain inventory item
(# is optional).

Giveequipment # – Give yourself more equipment.

Givexp # – Give yourself more experience.

Giveherbs # – Give yourself more herbs.

Givemeat # – Give yourself more meat.

Givemedicine # – Give yourself more medicine.

Givemetal # – Give yourself more metal.

Giveoil # – Give yourself more oil.

Giverations # – Give yourself more rations.

Giverope # – Give yourself more rope.

Givevaluables # – Give yourself more valuables.

Givewood # – Give yourself more wood.

Smite (firstname) – Injure a certain character.

Thespanishinquisition – Injure all followers.

Kill (firstname) – Kill a certain follower.

Vontrier – Release camera from the player character.

Remove (firstname) – Remove a certain follower from your party.

Tordenskjold – Restore all injured followers to health.

Return (firstname) – Return an absent follower to your party.


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