Expeditions: Viking Cairn Locations Guide


Locations of all cairns in the game. Each cairn found will give you a free skill point for all characters. There are two Steam achievements associated with these cairns, one for finding all of them in Denmark and another for finding all of them in Britain.



This should probably be the first one you find, it’s in your village by the graves on the eastern edge of the screen.


A08100A0-0F5D-49CE-B50F-66DBE5CDDC98-2467-000002EE879FCA7A 813B39B8-9698-42F9-B2C6-2DF02E7741A6-2467-000002EE89A881F0


This one is on the premises of the Erlingr farm.


DB8E4392-4CE3-40AE-B4EC-1359B7D863BB-2467-000002EEAC3B01F1 AC4D073D-F737-42DA-88FE-CD535B117015-2467-000002EEAD286716


This one is in the forest near Skjern.


9F05A15A-F578-4FEA-968D-57C169F7BFA6-2467-000002EEB2DC1E90 67F4FA94-8708-4280-BAD3-D8EA0F6BCBE5-2467-000002EEB3B530A1


This one is near the burial mound in the eastern village.


E9FB27F3-701E-45B3-BD91-59841F667FAF-2467-000002EEB77256CD 837566E5-DCA9-45FC-9379-18B0DDFADD12-2467-000002EEB88EF24D


These three can be found in Ribe.


5B4D5892-4114-45BB-B2D9-B577DA1DF904-2467-000002EEBCB059E0 59400F27-8393-408D-81E7-797A3DE93D88-2467-000002EEBDC9FA81 0316561C-6B3E-4CC9-8A52-D8A03525738E-2467-000002EEC1BDE7B9 AB63B597-5C6A-4463-AFD0-378CE58320A6-2467-000002EEC3878AB3 84713531-6842-44DD-BD12-8D09879B8619-2467-000002EEC833A7DD 180EBF36-BA88-49F4-B788-104FAC1E8410-2467-000002EEC9C2E1FB


In the Ribe swamp.


8F659263-3C9A-4AEA-A878-DD3D1C9B81D3-2467-000002EECD523302 AAA5E267-97D8-4F2E-B60A-47EA4E2BCF82-2467-000002EED28EEF0A




Found in Perth.


7B9D7019-ACCA-400C-9D17-AF5182A8F066-3715-000003B091E86FD1 AE634787-28A2-46FB-925D-B18C86178630-3715-000003B093022175


Found in Scarborough.


46C2399B-A534-44F3-BFC2-2187E68EBD68-3715-000003B09AE1D07D 929306EA-F21E-4442-B4DD-85E7A44767E8-3715-000003B09B49123F


Found in York.


1ED51E14-DDDE-4FF6-863E-F154854D311A-3715-000003B09DCE1C9B 098D8A9E-3FC4-4513-AFCA-F570CB046D99-3715-000003B09E59C98C


This one is located in Yngilwood. The only way I know of to unlock this location is to be invited there by Wada in York, which as far as I know always happens after meeting with/confronting King Osden. There might be other ways to unlock it, so let me know if you’re aware of any.


9502671B-819E-4EA4-963B-7F3714AFF551-3715-00000410FE98E967 38DE6A01-E0E1-4EF2-8784-0D82CE07F271-3715-00000411002F0586


This cairn is located on the premises of the ruined Roman fort. As far as I know, the only way to unlock this location is by accepting the quest from the Bishop in York. Wada will ask you to undertake that quest on his behalf after you meet him in Yngilwood, but I don’t know if it’s possible to take it otherwise.


5529E088-DFD1-409E-BF37-AB7C1B5CB25D-3715-0000041105740E9D 03D6E46E-8604-4F6C-A448-5A0B72ECC74E-3715-0000041106677A66


Old Mac Daimnall had a farm, ee-aye-ee-aye-oh. And on that farm he had a cairn, ee-aye-ee-aye-oh.

This location is part of a quest you accept from Caustantin, in a manner of speaking.


1357B456-7D1E-4773-9A6F-57481EEA1E1B-3715-000004110B06C967 6ECEFA94-0A48-4D58-AA04-1F6B6AACA536-3715-000004110E5B2304


This is at Seahenge. It’s a very small area with very little in it, so it’s very easy to find the cairn, but to unlock the location you’ll need to take the second quest from Caustantin, the Pictish King.


DBD00A49-E947-4302-BAC4-2B29C6E96F9D-3715-0000041112A0F7E6 F3974A60-38CD-4846-9348-1F1832237926-3715-0000041114E6E3C5

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