Expeditions: Viking Console Commands


Console Commands

In the overworld map (not during battles), press the ”  ” key (next to 0) and type one of the commands as listed. Then press Enter.


Command   Effect

setmorale Player *number* – Increases your main character’s morale
give party Herbs *number* – Give yourself more herbs (number is optional)
give party *resource name* *amount* – Gives selected resource to player

Valid options for resource are:

Note: You can find resources at lower right corner hover over them and then write the give party *resource* with big first letter and then number. You have to write Slaves instead of Thralls.


Note2: Every character has a special ID in the code. You’ll need to know a character’s back-end name to use a character-specific cheat on them. For example in the case of Ketill:  setmorale Followers/Wolf 10

Nefja – Followers/ShieldMaiden
Ketill – Followers/Wolf
Asleifr – Followers/VanquishedFoe
Røskva – Followers/Witch
Gunnarr – Followers/Berserk
Eydis – Followers/Valkyrie


Item Cheats

giveitem character itemtype tier [has_special] [is_default]

-Character is either the character ID (eg, Followers/Wolf or similar) or ‘party’ (direct to party inventory)
-itemtype is any of axe, bow, daneaxe, knife, spear, sling, sword, shield, talisman, armour (or armor works), helmet, or hat
-Tier is the item tier. This is a number between 0 and 5-ish (chain armor is 5)
-has_special is optional.


For Example: giveitem Followers/Wolf armor 3 true (Should give Ketill some randomly-generated Hide-class armor with a special property.) or giveitem party armor 3 true


Another fairly excellent console command given the absolute paucity of armor schematic components and no way to buy/create them (they really should be Tinker items) is imbue

Imbue cannot change properties on an item already possessing them, but it can add properties to crafted items, including armor schematics.

Format is:
imbue character slot property

-Character is either the character ID (eg, Followers/Wolf or similar) or ‘party’ (direct to party inventory)
-Slot is any of helmet, talisman, shield, armour (or armor), OR a weapon type (one of: bow, daneaxe, knife, spear, sling, sword).
-Property is the special property you want. Agile, Lucky, Keen, Robust, etc. as you would expect. When using this on armor, you can also select from AmourOil (+movement), ArmorWebbing (+consumables), HardenedLeather (fireproof), ArmourPadding (poisonproof), or ArmourOintment (health regen). You can only add one property at a time, so if you want to give armor Robust and Oil, that’s two separate commands.


To give an un-enchanted chestpiece the Agile and Regen modifiers, you’d run:

For Example: imbue Player armor Agile
imbue Player armor ArmourOintment


Cheat Code   Effect

give [character] xp [amount] – Give yourself more experience. (It says XP. It means skill points. Works with standard character codes OR the ‘party’ pseudo-character to gift everyone SP.)

give party [schematic] [amount] – Armor Schematics (Valid schematic items are the same as for the Imbue command. That is: AmourOil, ArmorWebbing, HardenedLeather, ArmourPadding, or ArmourOintment)

weather [type] – Change Weather (Valid options are Clear, Sunny, Rainy, Snowy, Overcast, Thunderstorm, Blizzard. )

giveallskills [character] – Unlock All Skills (Uses the normal character codes.)

pimp – Instant Homestead Upgrades

upgrade – Instant Homestead Upgrades

upgradeall – Maxed Homestead

setpower # – Gives Power (Just give it a number, it should set to exactly that amount.)

setprosperity # – Gives Prosperity

advancetime (amount) – Control Time (This will change the current time by the number of hours you specify. NEGATIVE NUMBERS ARE LEGAL. That is, advancetime -24 will set the clock BACK by 1 day. Be slightly cautious with this, as you can get your hird starving real easily if you make massive adjustments.)

spawn character – Spawn Character

spawn party – Spawn Party


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