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Expeditions: Viking How to Disable the Timeline?

12 May 2017, Friday, 21:34:32


How to Disable the Timeline

Starting with version 1.0.3, it’s now possible to disable the game-over that you’ll normally get if you run out of time in either campaign. Time will still pass as normal and the timeline will appear to progress, but once it reaches the end, nothing will happen.

1-/ First find your config file. It should be in \Documents\My Games\Expeditions Viking\Config.
2-/ Open Config.ini with your text editor of choice (Notepad will do nicely).
3-/ Locate the [PlayerSettings] section and add the following line at the end of it: TimeGameOver=False
4-/ Save the file and open the game.
5-/ To verify that the time limit is disabled, hover over your marker or the icon at the end of the timeline. It should say, in a red font: “Running out of time is currently disabled.” Note that this will only show up in the English or English (Norse Names) localisations so far.

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