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Expeditions: Viking Skill Synergy Guide

7 May 2017, Sunday, 4:49:29


Skill synergies
Throw Rock (free action) + Backstabber
By taking the first level of throwing the backstabber passive, you can give yourself a nearly constant damage boost of 20% at no action cost. Has been nerfed once already though, and might be retouched in the future. Other skills that can apply Harried are for example Scattershot and Hailstorm.


Charge + Nimble and/or Strider
Charge has you do a melee attack based on the amount of hexes you move, and these other two skills give you more hexes to move per turn. Hence, it’ll increase the max damage on Charge.


Grenade + Fire Arrow (+Inspire)
The level 5 sling skill and level 4 bow skill compliment each other perfectly, setting fire to numerous hexes. Great for smoking enemies out or tipping the tide even further in your favor near a chokepoint. If you have a character in your hird with Inspire (level 3 Leadership), then you could have the ranged character sling the grenade, inspire him, and then have him set it on fire all in one turn before enemies can move out of the area, and without the need for a second archer.


Hailstorm/any AoE + Taunt/Ruse
Taunt and Ruse (level 5 leadership) are great ways to stack enemies together, making them more vulnerable to attacks such as Hailstorm or the aforementioned Grenade/Fire Arrow combo.


One-Two + Quick Feet
One-Two is an immensely powerful dual-wield skill. If the user is being flanked, he’ll attack both flankers with an unblockable powerful attack. Shame you don’t get flanked very often huh? Well with Quick Feet, you can have your dual-wielder put himself in a flanked position without incurring an attack of opportunity. He can then perform the One-Two on both enemies. Bonus points if you have a character with Leadership to Inspire the dual wielder afterwards!

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