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Expeditions: Viking Stat Guide


Stats and their effects


Determines base damage with axes and swords and affects Physical Resistance. Strength is essential for warriors, and will occasionally enable knockouts and other physical feats in dialogue.


Overall you’re going to want to pump Strength if you’re considering using swords or axes. It’s also a good stat if you want to wield a sword or ax instead of a knife while dual-wielding. The base physical resistance aspect is less important; it simply determines how resistant you are to effects such as stun and bleed.




Determines Hitpoints, base Damage Reduction (DR), Block Chance with shields, and affects Stamina. Endurance is of the utmost importance to front-line fighters.


Endurance is incredibly important for a number of reasons, but the main thing is that it directly affects how much block % you get per shield skill level, your total hit points, and how much you reduce incoming damage. This stat is wholly responsible for how durable your fighters are, and you want durable fighters on higher difficulties. Consider ignoring this stat only on pure-ranged characters.




Determines base damage with knives and spears, and Critical Chance with all weapons. Finesse is important to ranged characters and fast-handed rogues, and can occasionally be used for surprise attacks in dialogue.


Finesse is not a very important stat unless you plan to use knives or spears. Critical chance is nice to have, but it’s not a very consistent way of doing damage and I personally vastly prefer consistency. Max this stat only on dual wielders (with a knife in the main hand) and spear/knife users. Other builds can put a bit in here for the crit chance, or leave the stat at 1.




Determines Accuracy with range weapons. Perception is crucial to archers, and will often reveal additional information during dialogue.


Important stat for those who use slings and bows. It’s also important for the throw skill line, but the throw skill line in itself isn’t very important. In my opinion, you either max this stat or don’t touch it at all.




Affects Mental Resistance and Stamina. Sense is fundamental to witches, skalds, and other support characters, and can often be used for persuasion in dialogue.


You need a minimum of 4 Senses to unlock the Galder, Leadership, and Witchcraft skill lines. However, nothing in these skill lines actually scales with Sense itself, so having 4 of it is enough. Healing on the other hand requires 6 Sense to unlock and does scale with the stat total, so it’s best to have your healers have as close to maxed out Sense as possible. Other than that, mental resistance is a very important stat for your archers and slingers, since it improves how resilient they are to being demoralized (which halves their accuracy).


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