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Extinction Cheats

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Hidden Achievements

All That Glitters is Gold

[HIDDEN] Kill a Ravenii wearing Gold Armor

Just use your Rune Strikes to destroy the locks on the armor. Most locks require 2 strikes from your Rune blade in order to break them.



Undead Armor

[HIDDEN] Kill a Ravenii wearing Bone Armor

Bone armor is indestructible while blowing fire and unfettered. You need to get the Ravenii to miss an attack, which will cause the fire to go out for about 5 seconds. This is the time to attack with a Rune Strike before the fire is lit again.



A Thorny Situation

[HIDDEN] Kill a Ravenii wearing Thorn Armor

In the middle of each armor piece, there is a smooth area that looks blue. Highlight that with your Rune Strike and hit it twice to destroy it.



Death Defied

[HIDDEN] Kill a Ravenii wearing Spiked Armor

See “The Bigger They Are”.



Lock and Key

[HIDDEN] Kill a Ravenii wearing Iron Armor

Aim for the padlocks. The key to destroying this (and all Ravenii) is to get close, hold down the Rune Strike to slow time and find the weak spot (the glowing part). Weak spots are always center of the armor or padlocks.


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