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F1 2018 – Tips & Tricks

24 August 2018, Friday, 11:57:34

Tips & Tricks

-Play the career mode! The career mode is an excellent way of getting used to the game with a smooth progression curve- but if you do play it, try playing one of the lower ranked teams. The higher ranked teams start have far harder objectives for you to complete.



-Pay attention to R&D. In the career mode, you can invest in R&D and unlock new perks for your vehicles- don’t ignore this!



-Your race engineer, “Jeff” may sound like he’s only there to interject at inopportune moments but he does have some words of wisdom. While you’re out on track, your team is working behind the scenes to make sure you’re getting to the finish line as quickly as possible.



-Newcomers, stick to using Ferrari cars. This is because these are the ‘easiest’ to handle, so they are far friendlier to newer players to get a handle on things.



-Be mindful of your surroundings! Tracks in F1 2018 are not like tracks in Mario Kart, but there are still things to keep track off- curves, slope, weather, and more.



-Practice! You can get used to any car, track, or variation in the game- as long as you practice. You are not going to start winning at this game right away- but just stick with it, because if definitely pays off.



-While re-running practice programmes can help improve your race strategy, you also have to think about the durability of your car. Parts wear out and there’s penalties to face if you use too many too soon. Only run the bare minimum of practice sessions to save parts.



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