Factory Town – Item Commands & Adding or Removing Items


Item Commands & Adding or Removing Items

To enter the console press backslash, tilde or ö, depending on your keyboard and country.

admin Enters the admin mode

admin off Leaves the admin mode



Adding or removing items

a ITEMNAME NUMBER Adds a resource or item to the currently selected inventory

r ITEMNAME NUMBER Removes a resource or item to the currently selected inventory



Possible values for ITEMNAME (case sensitive)

Value Result
Basic Resources
Gold Gold Coin
RedCoin Red Coin
BlueCoin Blue Coin
PurpleCoin Purple Coin
Grain Grain
Herb Herb
Wood Wood
Stone Stone
IronOre Iron Ore
Coal Coal
Water Water
Processed Resources
Flour Flour
Bread Bread
Remedy Remedy
HealthPotion Health Potion
Elixer Elixier
AnimalFeed Animal Feed
Wool Wool
Leather Leather
Fertilizer Fertilizer
Cloth Cloth
Outfit Outfit
Plank Plank
StoneSlab Stone Brick
IronPlate Iron Plate
ReinforcedPlank Reinforced Plank
EnchantedIronPlate Enchanted Iron
WoodWheel Wood Wheel
IronWheel Iron Wheel
Gear Gear
RailTile Rail
RailTileMagic Magic Rail Tile
SteamPipe Steam Pipe
ManaPipe Mana Pipe
ConveyorBeltCloth Cloth Conveyor Belt
ConveyorBelt Metal Conveyor Belt
ConveyorBeltMagic Magic Conveyor Belt
Mana Mana
GemRed Fire Stone
GemYellow Air Stone
GemAqua Water Stone
GemPurple Earth Stone
FireShard Fire Shard
AirShard Air Shard
WaterShard Water Shard
EarthShard Earth Shard
PurifiedMana Mana Crystal
PurifiedFire Fire Crystal
PurifiedAir Air Crystal
PurifiedWater Water Crystal
PurifiedEarth Earth Crystal



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