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Factory Town – Useful Tips & Tricks

17 March 2019, Sunday, 7:34:50

Useful Tips & Tricks

General Stuff

  • -When viewing a recipe in the build menu, hover the cursor over the icon for the item to be built and you should get a short descriptions (these are not always useful). Hover over the icon at the right side and you will get other useful information, such as sell price and ingredients.


  • -Plan on making roads that are at least 2 lanes wide, and consider giving buildings an extra space between the door and the road. Carts cannot pass through each other, and will sit at the front (or side) of a building, potentially blocking traffic and causing a mess.


  • -Read through the tips that pop up at launch. That’s where you can find directions on moving units around, setting your hotbar keys, etc.


  • -Upgrading your base unlocks recipes, increases the number of inventory slots in the base, and increases the capacity of each inventory slot. (Example – at a level 5 base, you have 5 rows of 4 slots, each of which can hold 600 units.)


  • -Type “m” to get the move tool. You can use this to pick up a worker & place it wherever you wish. This is especially useful for moving carts all the way across your map, clearing traffic jams, or just getting a worker unstuck between another worker and its only path out of a dead end.




Forestry and Farm buildings

  • -You can choose which things your farm harvests. If you want to only produce one thing, go in and make sure it is the only “recipe” checked. You will want to de-select the “Auto-manage” box as well. This is useful early in the game when you may wish to output a single type of item onto a chute.


  • -Although the game will let you plant trees (once you build the box for them) in the area covered by a farm, you will not be able to harvest them. This includes fruit trees, which must be harvested by a “forester” building.


  • -A forestry building requires red coins to harvest regular trees, but not fruit trees.


  • -Water and fertilizer only affect the re-growth of crops on farms, not the harvest rate. You can increase the harvest rate by adding workers to your farm. (Click the building, then use the “+” button).


  • -You can place farms close together and overlap their areas.





  • -Although you can produce Fertilizer using its own recipe at a pasture, don’t bother. It is a by-product of most of the other options and you will have plenty.


  • -Even if the fertilizer storage is full at a pasture, other items do not stop production. For example, the recipe for wool produces fertilizer as well. You will still generate wool if you’re not using your fertilizer quickly enough.



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