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Fairy Fencer F Cheats

10 June 2019, Monday, 14:36:38


Unlocking Secret Characters


Apollonius can be recruited if you got Emily’s Charm from a subevent and Fang is at least level 40 when you fight him the second time.



1)Complete Subterranian Tower.


2) Watch the sub-event in town. Collect Emily’s Amulet. The special item “Charm of Emily” which is hard to miss unless you tend not to check out events. You can obtained after clearing Subterranian Tower, view sub-event in town and you obtain Emily’s Amulet.


3) Fight with him for second time in Zawaza Plains


4) Fang must have a level between 40 and 99, before you defeated the boss in Rudohke Blast Furnace.


5) And now fight for third time with Apollonius.


Congratulations NOW Apollonius will join you.




Lola will join just before the final dungeon if you done all her “Fury” subquest, there are 16 subquest in all. Also with her you have to do all the 16 subquest in each new game.


Her quests can be missed and appear as soon as you enter a dungeon, then disappear after you see the event. So go to the save point and exit the dungeon to see. Or exit as soon as you enter the dungeon.


Sub Quests

1 – Before entering Yatagan Lava Flows (NEO Eligos in Sol Plains)

2 – After entering Katticus Ice Cave (Neo Giant in Yatagan Lava Flows)

3 – Before entering Kidanar (NEO Bactritoid in Katticus Ice cave)

4 – After entering Bui Valley (NEO Ghost in Kidanar)

5 – After entering Zawaza Plains (NEO Azure Dragon in Bui Valley)

6 – After entering Cavare Desert Sanctuary (NEO Gukyo in Cavare Desert)

7 – After entering Katticus Ice Cave (revisited) (NEO Flying Dragon in Sol Plains)

8 – After entering Zawaza Plains (revisited) (NEO Insect in Yatagan Lava Flows)

9 – After entering Solaru Vilage (revisited) (NEO Caladrius in Katticus Ice Cave)

10 – After entering Bui Valley (revisited) (NEO Canhell in Solaru Village)

11 – After entering Subterranean Tower (revisited) (NEO Gorlois in Bui Valley)

12 – After clearing Subterranean Tower (revisited), then you have fight in the town (NEO Pixie in Zawaza Plains)

13 – After entering Lusamundo Ice Caves (NEO Hannibal in Cavare Desert)

14 – After entering Inverted Tower (NEO BI Dragon in Rudohke Blast Furnace)

15 – After entering Zeppelia Valley (NEO Imperial Blue Dragon in Lusamundo Ice Caves)

16 – After clearing Zeppelia Valley (Imperial Gold Dragon in Subterranean Tower)


You can check your progress in quest section> sub scenario, with the name finding fury 1, 2, 3 etc. And Lola joins after clearing the Cavare Desert Sanctuary for second time.



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