FAIRY TAIL PC Keyboard Controls Guide


PC Keyboard Controls & Shortcuts

Print out or refer to the following list of PC keyboard commands and controls for FAIRY TAIL You can change your control settings whether you are on the main menu or in-game. Head to the settings menu (press ESC whilst in-game), and choose the Controls option.



General Controls

Key Basic Control Battle Control
K Talk/Investigate/Confirm Magic
L Jump/Cancel Defend
J Attack (field) Attack
I Other activities Item
ENTER Open the System Menu Help
N Open the Main Menu Details
F Autobattle
W ⁄ A ⁄ S ⁄ D Move
R ⁄ T ⁄ Y ⁄ G Rotate camera (town)
Q Link Hunt (field)
(Hold down to adjust enemies’ strength.)
Link Party (guild)
(Hold down to adjust number of participants.)
E Dash Magic Chain
U ⁄ O Change Avatar (active character)
H Face front Skip Action Sequence
View Map of Fiore Awakening (hold down)
View Map
← ⁄ → Minimize/enlarge Mini Map
Special Command


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