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Fallout 76 Beta Release Date Explained

23 July 2018, Monday, 14:25:48

Fallout 76 Beta Release Date Explained

The Fallout 76 Beta Release Date is coming up later this year. It will actually be taking place a little later than we would have initially predicted. Considering that the game’s official launch date is November 14th everywhere, it is a little surprising that Bethesda is waiting quite a bit for players to check it out given the concerns fans have.



The Fallout 76 Beta Release Date is set for sometime in October. We don’t have an exact day and time just yet but we know that it will begin then. The beta will start out with a small select group of people and gradually expand as we near the launch in November.



But how do you get in on the Fallout 76 Beta Release Date? Well, the only way to get into the beta currently is through pre-ordering the game through participating retailers. Even then, only so many will be selected at first with more brought in as time goes on. So, if you’re looking to get into the beta, we recommend pre-ordering as there’s no guarantee there will be an open beta.




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