Fallout Shelter How to Earn Caps Guide



Exploring the Wasteland
By sending a Dweller out into the Wasteland, you can earn caps and find many useful items. Be warned, the Wasteland presents many dangers, and your Dweller could die! Make sure that they are equipped with the appropriate weapons and armour before they enter the Wasteland. If you have them, assign them Pets to provide “buffs”, such as extra damage.

To assign a Dweller to the Wasteland, click on them in the Vault and then drag them to the outside. A menu interface will appear. Make your adjustments, and then click explore. Simple!

Upon their return, Dwellers will wait outside the Vault doors until you click on them and then click “Collect”.

The success of a Dweller in the Wasteland depends on their level, equipment and also Luck S.P.E.C.I.A.L. The better their Luck, the more items and Caps they will earn for you.

When you send a Dweller into the Wasteland, the farther they go – the longer they’re out there – will produce more items, Caps and XP. When you want the Dweller to return, simply click “Recall”.




If your Dweller, by some terrible misfortune, dies in the Wasteland, you can revive them for a small (or not so small) fee. Alternatively, send them out with medical supplies so you can avoid spending more Caps than you have to.

Selling Gear
The second method of earning Caps is selling your excess or poor quality gear. This can range from weapons to armour to junk.

Sometimes gear that you find in the Wasteland or in Lunchboxes can be of a poor, or lower, quality. This equipment is best avoided, and sold instead. When upgrading your Dwellers’ equipment, replace the poor quality stuff with better quality equipment. To save strorage space, sell the old gear.




This will make the stores lighter, and your pocket heavier!

Rushing Rooms
Rushing a room refers to using the “Rush” feature on production rooms in your Vault. This reduces the time taken to complete the product and have it made instantly. It is (well worth) noting that a Rush can fail and when this occurs, will lead to a disaster.




But don’t let that pertube you, remember what the reward is – Caps! You will generally receive a small amount of Caps, at least a dozen. But it’s still money, so why turn it down?

Caps can also be earned randomly when normally collecting resources. Like with the Rush feature, you can earn at least a dozen Caps from this.

Completing Objectives
In Fallout Shelter, Objectives are essentially mini quests. You are required to perform a task, such as sending a Dweller into the Wasteland or filling a quota – collecting 50 water, for example. The list of Objectives can be accessed from the P.I.P-Boy menu.




Upon completion of a task, you will receive a notification in the bottom right-hand side of your screen. The reward can then be accessed by clicking the notification banner or navigating to the Objectives menu.

The rewards for completing Objectives are either Caps or lunchboxes. The more difficult an Objective, the more Caps you will earn. Unique(er) Objectives will earn you lunchboxes, which in turn can reward you Caps!

Levelling Up
Whenever one of your Dwellers level up, you earn Caps. Dwellers level up by completing tasks in the Vault and by exploring the Wasteland. When a Dweller levels up, a green icon appears above their head for you to click and claim the level and subsequent reward – Caps, incase you forgot!




Dwellers can level up earning XP, which is gained through completing taks in production rooms, handling Disasters, training in training rooms and being sent into the Wasteland, where they fight enemies (which earns the XP).

The amount of Caps earned from this is relatively minor, but it’s still a means of additional income.


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