Fantasy General II Cheats


Steam Achievements

This title has a total of 33 Steam Achievements. Meet the specified conditions, where applicable, to receive the Achievement.


1 Up

Level up any unit.




Reach max level with a normal unit.



Fabled Hero

Reach max level with a hero.



The First Raid

Complete ‘Thieves at Night’ (Secret)



Through the Woods

Complete ‘Battle for Heartspire’ (Secret)



The Thing

Complete ‘Clanmeet’ (Secret)



Ship Ahoy!

Complete ‘Krell’s Landing (Secret)



There and Back Again

Leave the Sunken Lands. (Secret)




Kill 20 enemies with the same unit.



With a Little Help from my Friends

Hire a mercenary.



Arm Up

Upgrade a unit.




Kill a unit with an ambush.




Kill a unit that is attacking you.



Let’s Call It a Draw

Two units kill each other during an attack.



Close Call

Survive an attack with 1 HP left.



Efficient Magic

Attack a unit with magic that has reached 0 morale.



Rock beats Scissors

Attack a fortified unit with a siege attack.



Peekaboo, I See You

Reveal a hidden ambusher without being ambushed.



New Identity

Rename a unit.




Loot an artefact from a killed enemy.




Make an enemy unit surrender.




Make an enemy hero flee.



Invasion Warrior

Complete “Invasion” campaign on easy or harder.



Invasion Hero

Complete “Invasion” campaign on normal or harder.



Invasion General

Complete “Invasion” campaign on hard.




Save a charmed unit by releasing the charm.



The Right to Bear Arms

Unlock the Bear Mount. (Secret)



Winging It

Unlock the Dragon Mount. (Secret)



Against All Odds

Kept Ulnar until the end. (Secret)



Knowledge is Power

Spent your first skill point.



Five-second Rule!

That’s still edible! (Secret)



The Right to Arm Bears

Upgrade a unit to Werebears.




Complete “Invasion” campaign on Legend difficulty.


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