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Far Cry 5 – All Outpost Locations Guide

6 April 2018, Friday, 13:44:23

All Outpost Locations

➤Far Cry 5 has 20 Outpost Locations in story mode.
➤Capturing an outpost gives you resistance points, needed to advance the story progress in each region.
➤After liberating an outpost you will also find side quests there and it becomes available as a fast travel point.
➤You also receive other unlocks, such as vehicles, outfits, and money.
➤The main reason why you may want to know all their locations is because, in order to reset outposts (via “Outpost Master” option in the pause menu), you must have conquered all of the outposts.
➤Only then the outposts can be reset.
➤Resetting them helps with a bunch of trophies/achievements and lets you enjoy them again with friends in co-op.
➤You can do the Outposts at any time, in any order.
➤The whole map is accessible from the start (after the prologue).
➤It doesn’t matter in what order you play the regions.
➤If you stay stealthy and don’t cause an alarm you earn bonus money so this is also a decent way to farm for cash.
➤A silenced Sniper Rifle or Compound Bow usually works best.





★ John’s Region (7 Outposts)

1) Gardenview Packing Facility



2) Copperhead Rail Yard



3) Green-Busch Fertilizer Co.



4) Sunrise Farm



5) US Auto



6) Seed Ranch



7) Kellet Cattle Co.




★ Faith’s Region (8 Outposts)

1) Eden’s Convent



2) Whistling Beaver Brewery



3) Sacred Skies Youth Camp



4) Lorna’s Truck Shop



5) King’s Hot Springs Hotel



6) Nolan’s Fly Shop



7) Jessop Conservatory



8) Drubman Marina




★ Jacob’s Region (4 Outposts)

1) F.A.N.G. Center



2) Whitetail Park Ranger Station



3) PIN-K0 Radar-Station



4) Elk Jaw Lodge



★ Dutch’s Region (1 Outpost)

1) Ranger Station




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