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Far Cry 5 – How Not To Get Killed By Animals?

5 April 2018, Thursday, 2:30:40

How Not To Get Killed By Animals?

In Far Cry 5 you can still go hunting, but it’s less important than in the previous parts of the series. However, encounters with wildlife can still cause you a lot of trouble while performing your mission or traveling through the game world freely.

Here are some important pieces of information about this topic:


➤The hero can be easily killed by animals – this is not just a puma or bear issue, as it is quite clear in these cases that their attacks can cause very serious injuries. However, you may also die when you meet a skunk or even a turkey, although death only occurs after a few successful attacks. Also, you should know that an attack by wildlife can occur even if you are not taking part in the hunt. Be especially careful when traveling on the map or while sneaking in hostile locations. If you have been attacked you can take up a fight or escape. In the former case, try to avoid using heavy equipment (e.g. blasting animals with explosive substances), as this may result in losing the chance to obtain valuable hides and skins. The game is most rewarding after you attack animals with bows and white weapons, but it is very risky. Try to kill only weaker/slower animals in this way.



➤Rely on your companions. It is worthwhile to travel around the world with one or more companions. In the event of an attack by wild animals, there is a good chance that the allies will become the target of wild animals. They can also help you with hunting.


➤It is worth to use the lure – The lure in Far Cry 5 works in the same way as in previous games. You can rely on it, for example, when you want to get rid of your enemies from the camp. When a lure is thrown up, a stronger pet usually appears in the area and it can cause a lot of confusion or even kill several enemies. The easiest way to renew your lure’s reserves is to search for the carcasses of dead animals.


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