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Far Cry 5 – Key Information About Specialists (Companions)

1 April 2018, Sunday, 13:42:41

Key Information About Specialists (Companions)

The important information is that all the available companions have been put into two categories. The first ones are warriors and these somewhat are lower-rank specialists. During the game, you will meet many NPCs that you can recruit as your warriors (you will have to press the appropriate button then).

You can recruit up to three warriors. Each one of them gas two unique skills and they become available only after you have killed a specific number of people. You can keep a given specialist in your party until the end of the game, or you can “discharge” those of them, whose help you no longer need, or whose skills overlap those of another one.



The second group are specialists. These are unique companions and there are nine of them, in the game.

Each of the specialists has their default gear (sometimes also a means of transport) and their unique skills. For example, Jess Black use a bow and her skills decrease the risk of being spotted by the enemy, and allow her to move around wild animals. Of course, it is best to pick specialists in accordance with what you currently need. Jess is perfect for stealth missions but, if you want to launch a frontal assault on an enemy base, e.g. Nick Rye is much better, since he has a plane and cam bombard selected targets.



By default, you can travel with only one specialist or warrior at a time, but you can increase this limit to two, after you buy Leadership perk (cost: 6 points). From now on, you will be able to have two companions with you. Depending on your needs and preferences, these can be ones of similar sets of skills (e.g. proficient sneakers) or ones with different skills (e.g. one to help you with fights on the ground, and the other providing air support).

Specialists and warriors are not immortal. If they take severe damage, they will pass out. At this point, there are two things that you can do:

You can revive your companion. This is the best possible variant. Do not do that only if the unconscious ally is where you can easily die yourself (e.g. lying on the ground next to an armored vehicle, or is targeted by enemy snipers).

You can allow the companion to die. It will then take a lot of time before the companion will be available again. In such a situation, it is best to pick another ally from the list. You can cut the short time it takes to heal wounds of the killed companion, by buying perks in the Leader category. Unfortunately, you buy perks for each specialist separately, and each perk in that group requires 4 perk points. Therefore, it is best to buy perks only for those of the specialists to travel most often with.


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