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Far Cry 5 – Vietnam Lighter Locations Guide


Vietnam Lighter Locations

How many Vietnam Lighter out there?

12 Vietnam Lighter locations in Far Cry 5.



Why should I waste my time on this?

❧ They are needed for Side Quest “What They Carried. “




❧ Wendell Redler is the last living member of his squad from Vietnam.


❧ After they got back from the war, they decided to start stockpiling guns and ammo if something like that were to ever happen in America so they would be ready.


❧ They called it their “Freedom Fund,” and Wendell is hoping you can help him collect.


❧ You see, the arsenal they’ve put together is locked away in a bunker, and each of their squad had part of the code inscribed on the back of their lighter.


❧ You’ll have to collect all 12 for Wendell for him to be able to open the door, but he’s promised you first pick of what’s inside.


Once you have the What They Carried side mission, go to any shop, and you can buy the Map of Wendell’s Vietnam Lighters which will show them all on your map, though it can be difficult to find them all among all the other icons, so here are their locations:


Holland Valley – Filmore Residence (Dom’s Lighter)

Read the note on the desk inside to reveal a waypoint to the lighter outback. You’ll find it on a shelf in its decorative case.


Holland Valley – Miller Residence (Dusty’s Lighter)

Find this lighter in a bunker whose entrance is behind a shed at the back of the house.


Holland Valley – Rae-Rae’s Pumpkin Farm (Woody’s Lighter)

This one is easy to miss unless you are looking for it. Just beyond the fence to the north of Rae-Rae’s is a bunker with this lighter in it.


Whitetail Mountains – Harris Residence (Danny’s Lighter)

The entrance to this bunker is in a wooden shed just northwest of the house.


Whitetail Mountains – Whitetail Park Visitor Center (Smiley’s Lighter)

Unlike almost every other lighter, this one is not in a bunker. Instead, find it on a shelf in plain view in the Visitor Center.


Whitetail Mountains – None (Lefty’s Lighter)

This bunker is unusual in that it’s not in any particular location. It’s just a hatch out in the middle of nowhere, northwest of Widow’s Creek and southwest of Clagett Bay.


Whitetail Mountains – Elliot Residence (Stanford’s Lighter)

This lighter is not only in a bunker but also in a Prepper Stash (The name of the associated Prepper Stash quest is The Holdouts, which you can get by reading a note outside), which means that, unlike the other lighters, this one is going to take some additional effort. The outside hatch is locked, but if you break that lock and go inside, you’ll find a second electronic lock that needs a card key. The Prepper Stash mission will direct you to find the key, and you’ll get a waypoint on the first floor of the house, but it isn’t immediately apparent how you can reach it.


Go around to the back of the house, stand on the porch and look up at the second floor where “Resist Jacob” is painted. You’ll see that the barbed wire around this section is missing, allowing you to climb up on the eaves. Go through the broken window and across the second floor to find another broken window.


Climb through onto the eaves above the front porch. Turn to your right, and you’ll see another broken window that will allow you access to the other half of the second floor, which was blocked off from inside. Go down the hall and the stairs into the kitchen, and you’ll find the card key on the floor.


Now that you finally have the card key climb down into the bunker and unlock the door (finishing The Holdouts). Inside you’ll find the lighter on a table near some cash.


Whitetail Mountains – None (Joe’s Lighter)

Another lighter in the middle of nowhere is west of Cedar Lake and east-southeast of the Rattlesnake Trail Bridge. You’ll spot it from the air because of the interesting treehouse-like structure above it.


Henbane River – McCleane Residence (Russel’s Lighter)

Thus bunker is fairly near Dutch’s island, making navigation easy enough. Find the entrance behind the house, near the foot of the hill.


Henbane River – McCoy Cabin (Tim’s Lighter)

The entrance to this bunker is behind a wooden frame with green tarpaulin for walls.


Henbane River – Counselor’s Cabin (Kev’s Lighter)

The bunker entrance is in the open behind the cabin.


Henbane River – Abercrombie Residence (Crow’s Lighter)

This bunker is behind the house; the entrance tucked in near a woodpile.


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