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Far Cry 5 – What Can I Buy with Money?

2 April 2018, Monday, 13:22:03

What Can I Buy with Money?

You should spend your money on:

Buying new weapons – Start collecting money immediately after starting the game and spend it only on the best weapons (ignore the weaker models). The majority of the best weapons can cost you a few thousands of dollars.


Buying new weapon modifications – Try to equip all your newly bought, high-quality weapons with all available modifications. You can choose from scopes, bigger ammo mags or silencers. Depending on a part you can spend additional $1,000-1,500. Note – Don’t waste money on purchasing weapon skins. They don’t affect their efficiency.



Additional things that can be bought with money:

A bulletproof vest – These items can wear out easily but they can also keep your character alive. Think about getting a vest before each bigger mission. This item costs “only” $200.


New outfits – You should get them only if you want to get Fashion First trophy. You can get it by spending at least $1,000 on clothes.


New vehicles – You can get them if you don’t have any good vehicles (received as a reward for completing a mission) or you want to get Big Spender trophy. You get that trophy by spending $50,000 on vehicles.


Note – Don’t waste your money on replenishing the standard ammo. This can cost you a lot (even more than $1,000). Ammo can be found in locations related to missions. Another solution is to change a weapon to another model if you currently have no ammo for that particular gun. The exception to that is the unique ammo (e.g. incendiary or armor piercing ammo) that becomes available after unlocking Black Market perk. This type of ammo can help you greatly in eliminating armored enemies or vehicles.



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