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Far Cry 5 – What Happens If I Die?


What Happens If I Die?

Far Cry 5 is not a hardcore survival game, but failure to take precautions can lead your hero to sudden death. Below are some tips on how to avoid this situation.


➤You can regenerate your health bar and use medikit. Health can only be restored automatically if you are currently not under attack. Use your first-aid kits when you are on the verge of dying and when you can’t wait for automatic regeneration. It is worth buying a Travel Bag talent, which increases the limit of carried medikits. It is best to look around for the healing kits in the game world and buy them from merchants only as a last resort.


➤Equip a vest. The jacket provides good extra protection against sudden loss of health. You may receive vests in some missions. Buy them yourself only if you are going to have an extremely difficult mission.


➤Purchase talents to extend the health bar. Talents from Enhance Health group will let you extend your health bar. Try to unlock the first skill in this category at the beginning of the game (it costs 6 points), and unlock the next one only after you have enabled all of the most important basic skills.


➤Avoid frequent quad traveling. Quad is a good means of transport to explore the map, as it’s much easier to get to places that are hard to reach than going there on foot. Unfortunately, during the ride, the player is completely exposed, and in case of encountering, e.g., an enemy patrol, there is a high risk of death. Travel with larger (“build-up”) vehicles and as you get promoted in the game, gradually switch to vehicles with better armor and weapons.


➤You can save yourself or others from death. This option becomes possible only if the damage is not critical. If one of your allies has died, you can reach him and bring him back to life. Unfortunately, it does not always work the other way round. If you play in cooperation, you have to count on another player to resurrect you. Companions controlled by Artificial Intelligence usually have problems with reaching the dying hero and saving him.


Note – If you ignore your dying companion, you will have to wait a long time for them to be available again. It is worth helping them unless they are in a very dangerous place.


Note #2 – If you die despite your efforts, you will be returned to the last checkpoint. As with previous games in the series, you will not lose any money due to death, accumulated cash, or resistance points.


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