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Far Cry Primal Cheat Codes

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Far Cry Primal PC Console Command Cheats

Please note: These cheats come from the Far Cry 3 version, but Far Cry Primal uses the same Dunia Engine 2. Although the engine has been modified since the prior game’s release in 2012, the same cheats may work in both games. Would you please comment if you tested it out and they worked for you on the PC version?



How To Activate The PC Version’s Console Commands To Cheat:

– Step 1: Go to Steam and right-click with your mouse on the “Far Cry Primal” title, then select Properties.


– Step 2: Then go to “Set Launch Options and type out one of the following two cheats and press the Enter key to activate each cheat.


This cheats list starts with the code to enter into the Command Console, and behind it is the cheat description.


• GameProfile_UnlimitedAmmo 1 — Cheat Description: Infinite Ammo. Your weapons never run out.


• GameProfile_GodMode 1 — Cheat Description: God mode. You are effectively invincible.


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