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Farm Manager 2018 Cheat Codes

037B3AEE FCF9 473F 8674 4DA7995B6564


Infinite Cash

Follow these steps;


1. Save your game.


2. Back up the savegame folder;

C:\Users\yourname\AppData\LocalLow\PlayWay\Farm Manager 2018\saves.


3. Rename your latest .savedata to .save [you will need to make it slightly different as another .save file of that name exists, but you need the large .savedata one!]


4. Go to – This is an online save file editor. You will see an upload button – click, find your new renamed file, and upload it to the website. It is quite large, and it takes a long while to ‘unravel’ it but be patient; it will get there! Then you will see Wallet > Cash : (Random Numbers) at the top.


5. Click on the numbers, and it will open up an edit box and edit that to whatever cash you want.



Beta Cheat Code

Tilde (~) opens the console with the cheat option “money x,” where x is the amount, which can be a negative number.


Note: This cheat code will not work in the game’s final version (Only for older/beta versions).


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