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Farm Manager 2018 – Fields and Orchards

17 April 2018, Tuesday, 14:11:51

Fields and Orchards

An orchards and fields are set up the same. Build it using the Field icon, Plough it and Cultivate it, these both improve Crop Quality (harvest production). You can add fertilizer, but this does not seem to improve the Crop Quality. To work on a field, click on it and choose the task, then select the machines or staff, then click Accept (bottom right). Choose which crop to plant. The most profitable orchard crop is apples, with fields it depends, sunflowers, cucumbers etc are good but if you have frozen food production then strawberries and raspberries are most profitable, they can also be harvested a few times a year.


Most crops can only be harvested once, you will then need to re-cultivate and re-sow. Your aim should be to have maximum Crop Quality at the time of harvest. You harvest large quantities so ensure to have the warehouse space or you will be forced to sell the product immediately at half the price. You don’t have to wait until the harvesting is complete, as soon as any is in the warehouse sell it to make space.


All crops will need watering, you can wait until the Soil Moisture indicator is half way to see if it rains to save you the effort of watering. You will need a Well nearby for staff to do the watering manually.
Fields and orchards can be affected by Fungus, Insects and Weeds. You can buy and use chemicals to combat these. Use will last all year and you can either spray straight after sowing or wait to see you get a problem.


Watering and spaying are much quicker than other tasks. It may take a which can take a long time and many staff. Once a field or orchard is large enough to use a tractor do so!

Warehouse: 20x15m, 10.5k, 46pcm, stores seeds/seedlings and products.
Barn: 25x25m, 20k, 73pcm, stores Grass, Crops, Silage, Straw.
Silo: S, 5x5m, 0.4k, 5pcm, holds 60k grain. Silos hold muliple grains at the same time. M, 5x5m, 2k, 9pcm, capacity 200k. L, 10x10m, 9k, 33pcm, capacity 500k.
Silage Production: 20x10m, produces Silage from Grass, 1 staff.


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