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Farm Manager 2018 – Livestock

17 April 2018, Tuesday, 14:15:44


There are Bees, Rabbits, Chickens, Ducks, Geese, Turkeys, Pigs, Goats, Sheep and Cows available. The smaller the animal the less they cost, the less space they need, the less profit they make.


Bees will make honey even if you have not planted any crops, but they can produce specialist honey from certain crops, which will make a higher profit.


Rabbits are housed in Warrens and breed at 2 at a time. They do not produce anything and can only be sold or slaughtered.


Birds are housed in the Chicken Coop and breed 2 to 4 at a time. (To set what animal you want in the house select it from the picture at the top left of the screen with the animal house selected.). Chickens produce Eggs, and can be sold and slaughtred. Other birds do not produce anything, they can only be sold or slaughtered.


Pigs are housed in a Pigsty, breed one at a time and can only be sold or slaughtered.


Goats and Sheep are housed in a Shed, select which you want. They breed two at a time, produce milk and can be sold or slaughtered. Sheep also produce wool.


Cows are housed in a Cowshed and breed slowly and one at a time. They produce milk and can be sold or slaughtered.


Build the animal house with easy access to staff, food, production etc. Once built click on it to be able to buy animals (they will be delivered shortly) and allocate staff (ideally with animal training). All animals need food to survive more than a few days. Grain is stored in Silos, Grass, Crops and Silage is stored in a Barn and other Foliage such as apples are stored in a Warehouse (does not need to be Cooled). There also need a place to dump the manure.


A Vet (to cure sickness) or Inseminator (to breed) icon will appear in the animal house screen when appropriate, both these actions cost money but are worth it.


Animals can be replaced by Buying or calling the Inseminator. If you are slaughtering animals for meat you will need to keep on top of buying replacements as they are only around for a short time!


Before Slaughterhouses are used, Sheep are the most profitable animal making about $7k per shed per month.

Beekeeper Building: 5x5m, 2k, 18pcm
Rabbit Warren: S, 10x10m, 0.5k, 5pcm
Chicken Coop: S, 25x25m, 3.5k, 26pcm, 30 birds.
Pigsty: S, 15x15m, 12k, 30pcm, 6 Pigs.
Shed: S, 25x25m, 18k, 18pcm, 15 Sheep or Goats.
Cowshed: S, 40x25m, 10k, 46pcm, 6 Cows.
Manure Storage: 20x10m, 2k, 9pcm, capacity 8k natural fertiliser.


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