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Farm Manager 2018 – Machinery

17 April 2018, Tuesday, 14:08:01


Machinery is much more efficient than staff. Machines can only be used when a field or orchard is at least 30m in length. There are three types of tractor, only Orchard Tractors can be used in orchards once they have been planted. The blue tractor is more expensive but has 20% more power.


Use will wear the machine out until it breaks and cannot be used. Click on Renovate when it is available to regain some of the machines health. If a machine breaks completely the Repair button will become available. While Renovating or Repairing a machine it cannot be used, so check them when not in use such as during the winter.


Each machine is given a size: XL, L, M, S. The machine will need a corresponding place to park it before it can be purchased. Machines can be Reparked, use this to be efficient as larger parking spaces will cost more.

Small Garage: 11k, 9pcm, 10m x 25m, 6 small machines.
Medium Garage: 28k, 27pcm, 20m x 15m, 3 medium machines.
Carport: 45k, 46pcm, 25m x 15m, 3 large machines.
Parkiing: 50k, 9pcm, 30m x 15m, 4 large machines.



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