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Farm Manager 2018 – Owner’s House

17 April 2018, Tuesday, 13:40:22

Owner’s House

You will always need to build an Owners House (30m x 40m). It has three levels:




Level 1 normally costs $80k and once you have it you can access the two upgrades. It gives access to Training (which makes you more efficient and more effective), information and allows automatic selling of goods once every two weeks via Trade. Maximum field and orchard size is 50m x 50x (0.25ha).


Level 2 will cost around $360K to upgrade to. You can now purchase surrounding land and can auto trade once a week. Maximum field and orchard size is now 75m x 75m (0.5ha).


Level 3 will cost around $720K to upgrade to. It allows auto trade twice a week and increases the maximum field and orchard size to 100m x 100m (1ha).


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