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Farm Manager 2018 – Production

17 April 2018, Tuesday, 14:28:19


Production is where the big money is. You can make $500k profit pcm with one Cowshed and one Slaughterhouse!



You will need a Warehouse with Cooling, a production facility and Permanent Staff (ideally with production specialist). You can make seeds, flour, cheese, fruit juice, frozen fruit or meat.


You can set up a production chain from field to product (e.g. Apples to Apple Juice) or with some goods, such as Apple Juice, you can produce without growing any Apples as you can buy them from the Market.


With animal production, i.e. Milk Production and Slaughterhouse, you will need the appropriate animal house for animals to be bred or delivered to before they are taken to production.


Fully staff the production facility and make sure there is a continuous supply of raw material.


In the production facility you can select which products to make. You can also select a “Take above”, below that figure will not be taken from the animal house / warehouse etc. Normally you would keep this at 0 as you can easily replace the raw material and you want to keep the profitable production facility working continuously.


Frozen Fruit: from strawberries, raspberries and cherries. S, 45x25m, 42k, 346pcm.


Milk Processing: Makes different cheeses from cows milk, sheeps milk and goats milk. S, 50x40m, 62k, 273pcm.


Slaughterhouse: Makes meat from any livestock. The larger the animal the larger the profit! One animal house per slaughterhouse should be about right. S, 30x15m, 80k, 91pcm, 3 staff.


Mill: Makes different flour from Corn, Wheat and Rye. 25x25m, 120k, 137pcm.


Juice Factory: Makes juice drink from Tomatos, Apples and Cherries. S, 45x30m, 100k, 182pcm.


Seed and Seedling Factory: 25x25m, 120k, 180pcm.


Warehouse with Cooling: 50x25m, 190k, 273pcm. No staff required.


Silage Production: 20x10m, produces Silage from Grass, 1 staff.


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