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Farm Manager 2018 – Staff

17 April 2018, Tuesday, 13:44:29


You hire Permanent or Seasonal Staff from the information screen. You can open the information screen by clicking on an icon at the bottom of the screen, or by clicking on the Owner’s House.



Permanent Staff: Always needed for all-year work such as livestock and production and useful for other work as they can be trained as a specialist. They will cost you if you Release them (fire them). Houses for Pernament Staff are 10m x 10m and cost 30k.


Seasonal Staff: Will work for a set period and leave automatically with no redundancy payment. They cannot be trained so use them only to help in the fields and orchards during the summer when there is a short spike in the demand for workers. Houses for Seasonal Staff are 20m x 20m and cost 40k.


Staff Training: Any staff can be used for any job, but trained staff will be more efficient at the role they are trained in. There are seven roles: field, orchard, production, bee keeping, livestock and strength. Strength represents how long a worker can work without a rest, it is training which can be on its own or can be paired with one of the other specialists. Each staff member can be trained up to five levels which will allow a maximum of 25% more efficient. A 25% increase in production can be very significant and so training is a worthwhile expense.



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