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Farm Manager 2018 – Tips & Tricks

7 April 2018, Saturday, 19:01:59

Tips & Tricks

1) In order to be able to use a tractor on a field, one side of the field must be at least 30 squares. The overall number of hectares of the field is irrelevant. A 30 x 10 will work, but a 25 x 12 will not, even though both have the same area.


2) A 10 x 10 field will grow 2 fruit trees, but a 10 x 11 will grow 4.


3) The minimum field size of 0.01 hectares has 2 worker slots. Each additional 0.01 hectare adds another worker slot. So 3 worker slots for 0.02 hectares, 4 worker slots for 0.03, etc.


4) Livestock Breeding: Do sell your live stock when it reaches to its capacity. They wont breed if there is no space. Till they provide some auto sell option of livestock we should maage this manually.


5) Auto Trade: Consider enabling Auto Trade on products you produce. It is under Trade options. Select the Item and activate infinity if you wish to sell all the produce or stock. During start of the game you cannot build processing plants hence setting this to Auto Trade saves some time.


6) Manual Save: Campaigns cannot be started from last chapter. If you make mistakes in decisions, you need to restart the whole game. This game has so many glitches, so frequent saving helps by reloading which sometimes fixes the issues.


7) Get the Labor Law training right away for 500 at the farm house to give all of your workers 10% more endurance.


8) Add roads around fields or leave space to add them later, to reduce travel times for workers. If workers have to walk around two buildings or fields, rather than between them, the delay can be significant, especially since it’s ongoing.


9) Roads have a a width of 2 field squares. Even knowing that though, adding roads in advance is recommended.


10) Pressing the TAB key brings up a little display above each field/greenhouse with plant status.


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