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Fate/EXTELLA – How to Unlock Artoria Pendragon

26 July 2017, Wednesday, 0:17:01


How to Unlock Artoria Pendragon

Servants will be unlocked as you progress through the game, usually when you meet them. One Servant requires a focused effort to unlock, however, and the steps needed are bizarrely obtuse. Thankfully one step (the setting your clock to a certain hour of the day) has been removed in the PC release, but this process still needs a helping hand or you’ll just have to hope you get lucky and stumble upon it by accident.


It’s well worth the effort, though, as Artoria Pendragon is the strongest character in the game.






First and foremost, this cannot be done in the Side Missions. You must do this in the Main Campaign or Free Battles.


1) Choose a stage with a Mystery Side Mission. The Mystery Side Missions are those with the shadowed face and ?’s icon. Your options for missions are:

Campaign 1: Chapter 4/Ruler Stage
Campaign 2: Chapter 2/Nameless Stage
Campaign 3: Chapter 5/Cu Chulainn Stage
Campaign 4: Chapter 3/Altera Stage


2) Make sure you have the Mystery Side Mission selected. It should be registered by default, but just in case double check.


3) Complete the Regime Matrix. You shoud know how to do this by now so I won’t go into details. I would suggest clearing out all by one stage, however, just to make things easier on yourself as the mission must be completed for this to work.


4) Now, which stage you leave open is important, because you’ll be going back there to continue this process. The stages you need to leave in enemy control (until this point) are:

Campaign 1: Sector D
Campaign 2: Sector J
Campaign 3: Sector E
Campaign 4: Sector H
You can check which sectors are which by pausing the game and looking at the map.


5) Pick up 5 Yakisoba Breads. This is going to be the hardest part, especially if you’re too high a level. Yakisoba Breads will very rarely drop if your health is too high. This must be done within the aforementioned Sector for the Mission you’ve chosen.

One thing you can do is, if they’re active, go into a trapped sector and let yourself be hit by the elemental attack. That will drop your health very low. This is dangerous, but effective. Otherwise, you’ll have to let yourself get beat up. The reason is the lower your health, the more likely Yakisoba Breads will drop. Simply kill enemies nonstop until 5 breads have dropped and you’ve picked them up. You can pick them up as soon as they drop, or leave them to eat all at once to keep your health low throughout.

What makes this hard is that by this point, the Boss will be after you, so you’ll have them to deal with. Avoiding a Boss is easy enough, but as your killing enemies you’ll likely be doing bits of damage to the Boss, so be sure you’re not getting them too close to death. If you are, simply go to another Sector and wait for them to follow you there, then go back to the proper sector. It’ll take them a minute to follow you back.

You must also be careful not to kill all the Aggressors. If you do, the sector will be claimed and there wont’ be any enemies left to kill, thereby ruining this process.


6) Once you’ve eaten 5 breads, you’ll get a message that Artoria has appeared, and she will come to challenge you. Simply fight and defeat her and then the Boss. Be sure you leave the Boss for last, otherwise the mission will end prematurely and she won’t unlock.


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