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FIA European Truck Racing Championship Cheats

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Steam Achievements

This title has a total of 37 Steam Achievements. Meet the specified conditions, where applicable, to receive the Achievement.


Papers please

Complete all of the license tests


Just getting started

Create your driver in career and sign your first contract


A mechanic’s dream

Win a race without taking any body damage


Future champ

Complete your first career race


To the next round

In Career, advance to the Super Pole after qualifying


Podium sitter

In Career, achieve a podium finish


Points on the board

In Career, achieve a points finish


The quickest on the day

In Career, set the fastest lap in a race


Champ of Misano World Circuit

Win a race at Misano World Circuit


Moving up in the ETRC

Get promoted to a Titan driver in the ETRC


Pole sitter

In Career mode, claim pole position


Getting the job done

Successfully complete a team’s objective


The first of many

Complete your first race weekend


Snatching victory

Win a race after starting last on the grid


Champ of the Nürburgring

Win a race at Nürburgring


Champ of Hungary Speedway

Win a race at Hungary Speedway


Champ of Laguna Seca

Win a race at Laguna Seca



Drive a total of 500km


Champ of Slovakia Ring

Win a race at Slovakia Ring


Champ of Autodrom Most

Win a race at Autodrom Most


Champ of Canadian Tire Motorsport Park

Win a race at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park


Champ of Circuit Zolder

Win a race at Circuit Zolder


Champ of Jarama

Win a race at Circuito Del Jarama


Champ of Circuit Du Mans

Win a race at Circuit Du Mans


Moving up in the World Series

Get promoted to a Titan driver in the World Series


Champ of Fuji Speedway

Win a race at Fuji Speedway


Champ of Winton Motor Raceway

Win a race at Winton Motor Raceway


Champ of Circuit of the Americas

Win a race at Circuit of the Americas


European champion

Become the ETRC champion


Champ of Autodromo De Buenos Aires

Win a race at Autodromo De Buenos Aires


Got to spend money

Upgrade a part of your truck


The best in the business

Fully upgrade your truck


Conqueror of all

Win a race on all circuits


Rolling in it

Earn a total of 10,000 credits


World champion

Become the World Series champion


A familiar face

Earn 4000 Reputation in the ETRC


A household name

Earn 4000 Reputation in the World Series


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