Field of Glory II: Medieval – Controls & Hotkeys



The default control scheme for Field of Glory II: Medieval for PC is:


1 – Toggle LOF display.


2 – Toggle LOS display.


3 – Toggle command range display.


A – scroll map to the left.


C – toggles combat log.


CTRL and left-click on the unit – detailed information on the unit.


CTRL when moused over the target – shows detailed tooltips.


B – next unshot unit.


D – scroll map to the right.


E – rotate the map to the left.


ESC – opens load, save, settings, and exit options.


F – zoom out on the map.


F1 – list of hotkeys.


F2 – Takes a screenshot and dumps it to Documents\My Games\FieldOfGloryMedieval\SCREENS.


G – toggles visible map grid.


H – toggles the historical/distinct banners option.


K – toggles casualty screen.


L – toggles unit list. (In the main menu, L loads the last saved game).


M – toggles the overhead map view.


N – next unit.


Q – rotate the map to the right.


R – zoom in on the map.


S – scroll map down.


SPACE – deselect unit. Also closes non-critical popup windows.


TAB – next unmoved unit.


W – scroll map up.


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