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Field of Glory II – Victory Conditions

12 October 2017, Thursday, 23:08:39


Victory Conditions

These will depend on the individual scenarios. However victory conditions depending on losses are based on units routing or dispersed rather than casualties or destroyed units. The size of units is taken into account.


Default victory conditions are that an army breaks and the side loses if 60% of its original troops are routed or dispersed, or if 40-59% are routed or dispersed and the enemy have loss at least 25% less. Thus a side will ght on longer if the battle is hard fought than if it is a disaster.


Note that if the game is not decided before the time limit, the default victory conditions vary according to the type of game. For player reinforcement battles, the player will win even if he has a higher % routed. For enemy reinforcement battles and baggage protection scenarios, the enemy will win if the victory conditions are not achieved before the time limit, even if the enemy has a higher % routed. For open battles, the AI will win timed-out games in single custom battles, even if it has a higher % routed, whereas in MP games and campaign games the side who has the lower % routed at the time limit wins.


In SP games, the player is given the option to play on and conduct mopping up operations after the enemy army is defeated.

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