FIFA Ultimate Team returns! Create your dream team, compete in a variety of single-player and online modes, acquire Players to build Squads with high Chemistry, and feel the atmosphere with thousands of authentic chants. Find Players in Packs, or purchase and sell items through the Live Transfer Market to build your Ultimate Team.




In Squad Battles, you play for a spot on the weekly leaderboard. Multiple times a day, you will encounter new lists of opponents to play against, all of whom were created by real players around the world. By the end of the competition, you will be awarded prizes based on your final rank—the higher the rank, the better the prize.


If you are looking to boost your overall point score, the Featured Squad can help you with that. Featured Squads are teams set up by popular FUT community members, and even real players and clubs. If you manage to beat the Featured Squad, you are awarded a set amount of points, no matter what difficulty you chose to play on.



Put your skills to the test and earn rewards by completing Objectives. Make transfers, fine tune your Squad, and reach targets on the pitch to earn Coins, Packs, and other in-game rewards. Every day, your Daily Objectives will refresh and you’ll be given new Objectives to complete. Many of these challenges can be completed right on the Web and Companion Apps. Make sure to check back daily to maximize your rewards!


FUT 18 also features a weekly set of Objectives to complete. These require more time and effort than Daily Objectives, but will also feature bigger rewards! With up to five new Daily Objectives every day and up to 10 new Weekly Objectives every week, there’s always something new to do in FUT 18!



In this mode, test your Squad building abilities as you create Squads that match specific requirements. Once you meet them, you can exchange your Squad for exciting rewards.


Play Squad Building Challenges on your system, or take it with you and play on the Mobile Companion App to improve your Club!



FUT Champions brings you the highest level of head-to-head competition in FIFA Ultimate Team. Play in the Daily Knockout tournaments to earn prizes, including access to the Weekend League. In the Weekend League, you’ll have a limited amount of time to compete against other qualified players for the best prizes available anywhere in FIFA Ultimate Team.


Earn your competitive ranking, win prizes, and reach for glory in FUT Champions.



Challenge your team and reap the rewards in Seasons.


Seasons consist of 10 games, playable in single-player or online multiplayer competitions. Win enough games to try and secure promotion or even clinch the league title! In this mode, the promotion, hold, and relegation system means that losing a match doesn’t eliminate your team from the Season, giving you the opportunity to bounce back from defeat. Earn bigger rewards as you work your way up from the 10th division to the 1st—the higher you rank, the bigger the reward.


Friendly Seasons allows you to challenge your Friends in a five-match Season format. Keep track of your record and other stats, and then claim bragging rights over your Friends!



Chemistry is essential to make your Ultimate Team successful. Although an all-star team can help you shine on the pitch, your Squad should also have the right Chemistry to maximize performance. The higher your Chemistry, the better your team performs during matches, giving you a better chance of winning games.


While viewing your Active Squad, your team’s Chemistry Rating appears in the upper right corner. Place Players in their preferred positions and match Players’ Nationality, League, and Club Chemistry to improve your team’s rating—green lines indicate strong links between Players. Having the right Manager and earning Loyalty can also help improve your Chemistry.


Swap your Players around on the Active Squad screen or add new ones from your Club or the Transfer Market to find the ideal balance for your team!


Chemistry Styles

Each Player in Ultimate Team has a Chemistry Style. Combine complementary Chemistry Styles to best improve your team’s overall tactics. Arrows appear beside potentially affected attributes based on specific Chemistry Styles, changing from white to green as your Player Chemistry improves.


Styles used to upgrade Player attributes will remain with them until a new Style is applied. You can find Chemistry Styles in Packs and through the Transfer Market.



Before Players can excel out on the pitch, they need Contracts to play matches. When viewing your Active Squad, highlight a Player, access the Actions menu, and then select APPLY CONSUMABLE to apply a Contract to a Player. Move the right stick to switch to the status info view and see the remaining Contracts for every Player. The Suggested Consumables feature can show you when you’ll need to apply a Contract to a Player.


Players found in Packs start with seven Contracts. To give you a head start, each Player from your Starter Pack comes with special long-term Contracts (45 matches). Each match played uses up one Contract, but if a Player in your subs or reserves doesn’t head onto the pitch at all, he won’t use a Contract for that match.



As you play matches with your Squad in FIFA Ultimate Team, your Players will tire and their Fitness levels will start to drop. Players who have a low Fitness level won’t perform at their full potential, and they also risk getting injured in a match.


When viewing your Active Squad, highlight a Player, access the Actions menu, and then select APPLY CONSUMABLE to apply a Fitness consumable item. Move the right stick to switch to the status info view and see the Fitness level of every Player. The Suggested Consumables features can show you when you’ll need to apply a Fitness item to someone.


Another way to recover a Player’s Fitness level is placing them in the Substitutes and Reserves section of your Squad. If they’re not used in a match, these Players recover some of their Fitness.


NOTE: Players found in Packs start at full Fitness.



The Transfer Market is the hub for purchasing, listing, and selling items, as well as finding new Players to increase your Squad’s overall rating and Chemistry Rating. Filter Players by Name, Nationality, League, Club, Quality, Position, Chemistry Style, or Pricing to easily find the ideal footballer to complement your Active Squad.

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