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FIFA 21 FUT Coins Farming Guide

How To Make And Save Coins

  • TOTW Players.

The best way to make money using this method requires a bit of patience. Whenever a Team of the Week player is available, buy it if you can get him cheaply and then wait a few weeks for the price to rise.


When that happens, you will be able to sell the player for a hefty profit. In the meantime, you can also use the player in your games.



  • Play squad battles and save fitness cards.

You probably won’t even realize how much money you waste on fitness cards within FIFA. It’s not the most ideal situation because I assume you’ll want to get straight back into the action and not play against the computer. You can usually get 2-3 games done before you need to apply fitness cards to your players. If you want to save yourself money, especially early on, set up a squad battles game against the beginner AI with a full bronze/rotation team. Once you’re in the lead you can put your controller down as the CPU will not tackle you. This will allow you to put your squad on the bench and restore their fitness. If you do this enough times you can even be rewarded with packs and coins from squad battles rewards.



  • Complete SBCs.

By participating in some of the default and flash SBCs available, you will regularly gain rewards. They’re more often than not going to reward you with as much as you put in. If you’re savvy with your coins you can really make a lot of profit from this in the first few months.





  • Use the FIFA 21 Web App to Earn FIFA Coins Easily.

The FIFA 21 Web App lets you manage your squads on the go, and can be used to buy and sell players on the transfer market. You’ll get FIFA Coins just for logging in each day, so it’s well worth downloading. You can easily manage Squad Building Challenges from here as well.



  • Daily and Weekly Challenges.

Another way of making coins faster is obvious to most players. All you need to do is to complete all of the challenges that you see. It may seem like the rewards that you get for these challenges are minuscule, but over time, they add up to become quite large and thus end up having a massive impact on the amount of money you make in the game.


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