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FIFA 21 – How to Beat High Pressure Opponents

How to Beat High-Pressure Opponents

-Play slightly longer passes to your center forward and beat the press.


-Put your defense on drop back and reduce their width and play out calmly from the back with a fast build-up offense. A high-pressure opponent’s defense is in shambles when under attack.


-If you’re in the middle of a match with a high-pressure opponent, then taking things easy and relaxing is one of the best methods that you can implement into your all-round game. If you see hordes of players running towards your defense then don’t panic, just control the ball once and pass it simple to one of your back four that’s free.


-Passing the ball back to the keeper isn’t a bad idea either, as this will mean that one of your full-backs or wingers will be completely free for you to find with a driven lofted pass. If the simple pass out to the defense is on, then it’s always best to play out from the back instead of hoofing the ball up the pitch and going all root one.


-Even though there aren’t lots of ways to combat high pressure except for good/fast passing, there’s a tactic called ‘Hug Sideline’ which is very useful against high-pressure opponents. If you can get the ball at the sideline, there will be lots of space for your wingers.


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