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FIFA 21 – How to Do a Low Driven Shot

How to Do a Low Driven Shot

The low-driven shot still has a lot of value in FIFA 21. However, now more than ever, it’s about finding the right situation to leverage it.


To trigger the low-driven shot, players must now hold down both their bumpers,


‘L1’ and ‘R1’ on PS4


‘LB’ and ‘RB’ on XB1 and press shoot (Circle / B).


Finishing is all about analyzing your angles and calculating what kind of shot will ensure your highest chance of success, just like it always has been. The low driven shot is only effective when the goalkeeper is leaving a lot of space open to either side. If a goalkeeper is charging you and closing down the angle, trying to score a low driven shot will most likely result in a leg save, and so in those scenarios, you are better off with a finesse shot or a simple power shot.


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