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FIFA 21 & FIFA 22 – How to take Corners


How to take Corners

  • Select a player – choose the player you’d like to get the ball to (disregarding their position for now) by pressing L1/LB until you reach the player of choice.


  • Place the corner – now, with that player selected, move the yellow cursor on the ground with LS to where you’d like the delivery to go. To place the corner, load up the delivery with your desired amount of power by pressing Square/X (less is floaty, more is driven), and the cursor will then be locked in place.


  • Get your player in position – next, move your previously-selected player into position, ideally giving yourself a couple of yards of clear run-up space behind the cursor on the floor.


  • Take the corner – finally, take the corner by pressing the Square/X button again.


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