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FIFA 21 – How to Turn on Trainer Mode

How to Turn on Trainer Mode

In the main menu, go to “Customise” at the top, then go to “Settings”, then “Customise Controls” and on this menu change the “FIFA Trainer” option to “Show”.


To turn on the trainer in during a match, you need to pause the game, go to the “Trainer” menu option and change the “Status” option to “Show”.


The FIFA 21 trainer will show you where you’re aiming and who you’re aiming at in real-time. It literally paints the pitch as you play. You might think it looks ugly or there’s not enough time to look at it, but don’t worry. While you play you don’t have time to -ahem- admire the arrows, but you do have time to read them.


So the next time you’re in a match, hit pause and go to the FIFA trainer menu. Turn it on and set it to “movement and mechanics” only, and leave the bottom 2 options on. This will give you the passing and shooting arrows and circles, BUT, it won’t give you the annoying button prompts for mechanics you already know.


This will help you understand how the game reads your input, and this will help you play better as a result. Most of us play on assisted passing, so it’s really important to learn how the assists actually work, and how you can “manipulate” them to your advantage.


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