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Fighting Fantasy Legends Achievements

27 July 2017, Thursday, 17:03:10



I Name Thee…
Unlock a Title


Upgrade any Die


Dice With Death
Dice with Death in the House of Skulls


Have a Curse Removed


Knifey Knifey
Find the Silver Throwing Knife


Vanquisher of the Leaf Beast
Find the Lotus Flower


Sporting Behaviour
Win a Game of Baysball


Beat the Strongman in Port Blacksand


Complete 5 Quests


The Black Pearls
Find the Black Pearls


The Ultimate Warrior
Be Victorious in Combat 20 Times


Bar-Room Brawler
Defeat the Goblins or the Troll in the Spotted Dog Tavern


A Pirate’s Life Not For Me
Kill all of the Pirates on the Pirate Ship


Comeback Kid
Win a Fight That You Start With 1 Stamina


The Rescuer
Rescue the Prisoner in Firetop Mountain


Get a Tattoo


Dragon Slayer
Kill the Red Dragon in Firetop Mountain


Turn to 400
Kill Zagor the Warlock


Hair of the Hag
Find the Hag’s Hair


Play any dice game at the Zengis Gambling Hall


Getting a Name for Oneself
Gain 10 Titles


Escape from Jail in the Citadel


Mr. Racknee
Find the Spider-Man


The Saviour of Silverton
Kill Zanbar Bone


Fully Equipped
Carry the Best Weapon and Armour Cards


Master of Firetop Mountain
Open Zagor’s Treasure Chest in Firetop Mountain


The Saviour of the Vale
Kill Balthus Dire


Pass 10 Skill Tests


Pass 10 Luck Tests


Extremely Skilful
Fully Upgrade Your Skill Dice


The Adventurer
Kill Zagor, Balthus Dire and Zanbar Bone on Adventurer Difficulty


Treasure Hunter
Find the Legendary Pirate Treasure


Extremely Lucky
Fully Upgrade Your Luck Dice


Monster Hunter
Complete the Creature Codex


The Hero
Kill Zagor, Balthus Dire and Zanbar Bone on Hero Difficulty


The Legend
Kill Zagor, Balthus Dire and Zanbar Bone on Legend Difficulty


Many Faced Hero
Unlock all Titles with the Same Character


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