Final Fantasy 15 All Treasure Locations Guide



All treasure locations
The following treasures can be found in the listed location(s) or obtained using the corresponding method:

Metal Scrap: Found in Leide.
Rusted Bit: Found commonly throughout the game.
Iron Shavings: Found commonly throughout the game.
Fossil Wood: Found commonly throughout the game.
Fossil Shell: Found in Galdin Quay, Glacial Grotto, and Fociaugh Hollow.
Ammonite Fossil: Found in different dungeons.
Shattered Timepiece: Found in Cleigne.
Chrome: Found in various dungeons.
Ancient Dragon Tooth: Found in Cauthess Rest Area, Fociaugh Hollow, Daurell Caverns, and Meldacio Hunter HQ.
Dragon Scales: Found in Kitty Catering.
Mythril Shaft: Found in different dungeons.
Sharp Bone: Found in Leide.
Strong Bone: Found in various dungeons.
Electrolytic Condenser: Found in Leide.
Laser Sensor: Found in Imperial bases, Gralea, and as an enemy drop.
Dynamo: Found in Callatein’s Plunge right outside Glacial Grotto, Gralea, Insomnia, and as an enemy drop.
Magitek Core: Found in Galdin Quay, from Stealing the Past quest, and as an enemy drop.
Star Shell: Found in Galdin Quay.
Tiny Feather: Found in Duscae.
Giant Feather: Found in Hammerhead area and Verinas Mart, Ravatogh.
Beetle Shell: Found in Meldacio Hunter HQ and Daurell Caverns.
Building Stone: Found in Duscae and south region of Cleigne.
Quality Building Stone: Found in Hammerhead area and Rock of Ravatogh.
Splendid Building Stone: Found in various dungeons.
Old Book: Found in Lestallum.
Broken Harmonica: Found in Lestallum and Deadeye’s Lair.
Platinum Ingot: Acquire Gladio’s Survival Skill (Level 7-10).
Rare Coin: Found in Cleigne.
Mythril Ingot: Acquire Gladio’s Survival Skill (Level 10).
Glass Gemstone: Found in Lestallum, Cape Caem, and Rock Of Ravatogh.
Earth Gemstone: Found in Cleigne.
Sky Gemstone: Found in Tenebrae, various dungeon mazes, and from “A Feline Feast” quest.
Beautiful Bottle: Found in Duscae.
Debased Silverpiece: Found near various outposts in Cleigne.
Debased Banknote: Found in Cleigne.
Gralean Medal of Distinction: Found in East of Lestallum and Gralea.
Imperial Medal of Honor: Found in Gralea.
Magnetron: Found in Gralea and as an enemy drop.
Hydraulic Cylinder: Found in north of Fort Vaullerey, Gralea.
Wind-up Lord Vexxos: Obtained from playing Justice Monsters Five mini-game.
Hunter’s Medal: Found through Menace Beneath Lucis quest.
Garula Tusk: Found in Burbost Souvenir Emporium and as an enemy drop.
Garula Fur: Found through Totomostro and as an enemy drop.
Great Garula Tusk: Found through Totomostro and Coernix Station – Alstor region.
Hairy Horn: Dropped by Dualhorn.
Hardened Hoof: Dropped by Bloodhorn, Ashenhorn, Grandhorn, and Dualhorn.
Giant Hairy Horn: Found in Galdin Quay and dropped by Ashenhorn, Grandhorn, and Dualhorn.
Thick Hide: Dropped by Aspidochelon.
Worn Incisor: Dropped by Aspidochelon.
Coeurl Whiskers: Dropped by Elder Coeurl and earned in Totomostro.
Sabertusk Claw: Found in Burbost Souvenir Emporium and dropped by Frekitusk and Alphatusk.
Curved Fang: Found in Longwythe Rest Area region and dropped by Saberclaw.
Voretooth Bristles: Dropped by Voretooth and Yellowteeth.
Havocfang Hide: Dropped by Havocfang.
Scaled Skin: Dropped by Mushumahhu and Burbost Souvenir Emporium.
Barbed Poison Needle: Dropped by Mushumahhu.
Crimson Tongue: Dropped by Falxfang and Megaloclaw.
Hard Whiskers: Dropped by Maganir, Mesmenir, and bought from Burbost Souvenir Emporium.
Mesmenir Horn: Found in Burbost Souvenir Emporium.
Anak Fetlock: Found in Burbost Souvenir Emporium and dropped by Anaklaban and Anakadom.
Anak Antlers: Found in Burbost Souvenir Emporium and dropped by Anak Stag.
Giant Curlhorn: Dropped by Arabgadol.
Sahagin Scale: Dropped by Sahagin.
Sharp Head Fin: Dropped by Seadevil and Coraldevil.
Shiny Oil: Dropped by Gigantoad, Gaiatoad, and Hekatontoad.
Rough Scales: Dropped by Gurangatch.
Catoblepas Fang: Dropped by Catoblepas.
Curved Hollowhorn: Dropped by Kujata.
Cockatrice Tail Feathers: Dropped by Cockatrice.
Cockatrice Crest: Dropped by Cockatrice.
Basilisk Plumage: Dropped by Basilisk.
Insect Stinger: Dropped by Killer Bee.
Barbed Scythe: Dropped by Killer Wasp and Solider Wasp.
Behemoth Horn: Found in Burbost Souvenir Emporium, Wiz Chocobo Post region, Deadeye lair.
Griffon Claw: Dropped by Griffon.
Bulette Carapace: Dropped by Griffon.
Shield Spike: Dropped by Bulette.
Malboro Eye: Dropped by Bulette.
Malboro Vine: Dropped by Malboro Sprout and Malboro Brat.
Monster Claw: Dropped by Bandersnatch.
Monster Jaw: Dropped by Bandersnatch.
Greatsnake Crest: Dropped by Hvitromr and Midgardsormr.
Centipede Jaw: Dropped by Hunglegs.
Prawn Antennae: Dropped by Karlabos and Rogue Karlabos.
Scorpion Stinger: Dropped by Saphytail.
Treant Branch: Dropped by Treant.
Treant Trunk: Dropped by Treant.
Mandrake Flower: Dropped by Mandrake.
Wyvern Wing: Dropped by Wyvern.
Sharp Tail Feathers: Dropped by Daggerquill and Dynoaevis.
Thunderoc Feathers: Dropped by Thunderoc and Copperoc.
Zu Beak: Dropped by Zu.
Dragon Horn: Dropped by Manxom and Jabberwock.
Scarlet Splinterbone: Dropped by Quetzalcoatl.
Great Anak Antlers: Dropped by Anaklaban and Anakadom.
Arba Spur: Dropped by Arba and Arbagadol.
Centipede Feet: Dropped by Redlegs.
Centipede Teeth: Dropped by Redlegs.
Rough Shell: Dropped by Karlabos.
Fine Slimy Oil: Found in East of Lestallum and dropped by Gaiatoad.
Sharp Bristles: Dropped by Voretooth.
Deadly Stinger: Dropped by Killer Queen.
Strong Whiskers: Found in Taeplar Rest Area region.
Giant Hoof: Dropped by Kujata.
Fearsome Hoof: Dropped by Molokujata.
Colorful Griffon Claw: Dropped by Griffon.
Translucent Skin: Dropped by various enemies.
Fine Tail Feathers: Dropped by Kingatrice.
Magnificent Tail Feathers: Dropped by Kingatrice.
Fine Crest: Dropped by Kingatrice.
Magnificent Crest: Dropped by Kingatrice.
Beautiful Hide: Dropped by Havocfang.
Big Scorpion Stinger: Dropped by Reaperking.
Scorpion Barb: Dropped by Reapertail.
Hard Scale: Dropped by Alphagin.
Cactuar Needle: Dropped by Slactuar and South of Lake Vesperpool.
Heavy Scale: Dropped by Seadevil and Coraldevil.
Spiked Armor: Dropped as an enemy drop.
Hardened Hide: Dropped by Manxom and Jabberwock.
Jumbo Needle: Dropped by Gigantuar.
Sharp Scythe: Dropped by Killer Wasp.
Beautiful Plumage: Dropped by Royalisk.
Gorgeous Plumage: Dropped by Royalisk.
Tough Shell: Dropped by Skarnbulette.
Giant Crab Pincers: Found in Malmalam Thicket and dropped by Shieldshears and Mightyshears.
Strong Pincers: Dropped by Sheidshears.
Small Beak: Dropped by Regaltrice.
Downy Feathers: Dropped by Regaltrice.
Dragon Claw: Dropped by Wyvern.
Drooping Whiskers: Dropped by Jormungand.
Divine Whiskers: Dropped by Jormungand.
Crab Carapace: Dropped by Stoneshears, Rubyshears, and Sparkshears.
Sturdy Helixhorn: Dropped by Leukorn and Duplicorn.
Rotten Splinterbone: Dropped by Mictlantechihuatl.
Large Hollowhorn: Dropped by Molokujata.
Adamantite: Dropped by Adamantoise.
Repair Kit: Found in Mini-mark in Hammerhead, JM Market in Old Lestallum, and Coernix Stations.
Bluegilll Scale: Obtained from fishing.
Bluegill Fin: Obtained from fishing.
Catfish Barbel: Obtained from fishing.
King Catfish Heart: Obtained from fishing.
Jade Gar Mirrorscale: Obtained from fishing.
Snakehead Teeth: Obtained from fishing.
Snakehead Scales: Obtained from fishing.
Alstor Bass Bones: Obtained from fishing.
Phoenix Bass Bladder: Obtained from fishing.
Arapaima Scales: Obtained from fishing.
Barrelfish Scales: Obtained from fishing.
Murk Grouper Eye: Obtained from fishing.


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