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Fire Pro Wrestling World – How to Use CAWs and Workshop Wrestlers

12 July 2017, Wednesday, 11:03:42


How to use CAWs and Workshop wrestlers.

The first thing you need to do is subscribe to the wrestler you want in the workshop.


-Load up the game after it’s done downloading (that shouldn’t take long)


-Then you need to add the wrestler to your game. Go To:
Edit Mode > Wrestler Edit > Create New Edit> Model Wrestler:


-Then find your downloaded Wrestler and save it (it should be at the bottom.)


-Save it to a [NEW SAVE]


-IF it asks you to put it into a Team just use Retire (unless you want it on the SWA roster)


-Then go to Team Edit > Transfer Wrestler > and then select the brand you want. (from RETIRE becauses thats the one we selected earlier.)


-Also to create your own brand go to:

Edit Mode > Create Team > and then make sure the team size is Promotion. You can move wrestlers to is as long as you make a stable inside your main team (I ussually name a stable All Wrestlers and then put it on the brand team) you do this because the game wont allow you to just put them on the brand team.




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