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Fire Pro Wrestling World – Signature Move, Favorite Move, Voice 1 and Voice 2

17 July 2017, Monday, 13:17:22


Signature Move, Favorite Move, Voice 1 and Voice 2

You can assign extra attributes to a move: Signature move, Favorite move, and voice. Open the Movesets list and press the A button to move to the bottom section. Use the left directional pad to move the cursor to the left. Move the cursor to the left “•” to set the voice and move the cursor to right “•” to set the Signature and Favorite moves.

SIGNATURE AND FAVORITE MOVES: Press the A button once to set “Favorite” (represented as “F”) and press the A button twice to set “Signature” (represented as “S”). Only one signature and four favorite moves can be assigned to a wrestler.


Note: *If you reassign a Signature move, when you leave the Moveset screen you will be prompted to rename it should you like.

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