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Tips and Tricks

Delete and Unsubscribe in one move: You don’t need to unsubscribe from an edit in the workshop; if you delete the character from your in-game menu, it will automatically remove the subscription on the workshop, too preventing it from reading to your roster the next time you load the game.


Moves off the cage: Although the cage matches need work with the AI, you will find Mission 30 a pain in the bum if you don’t know how to climb the cage, head up the cage and climb over, head to the corner of the cage and press up and medium and it will climb the top corner of the cage ready for a flying attack.


Edit a workshop mod: Although you can’t directly edit a CaW downloaded from the workshop, choose a new Edit to create a wrestler and use the workshop mod as a base model. You can now delete the workshop version if you are happy with your edited version.


Breaking submissions and pins: Don’t mash them buttons breaking your controllers; gentle button presses at a reasonable pace will work no better nor worse than mashing buttons; however, it will prolong the life of your controllers if you don’t act like a mental. Also, its face buttons to break pins and directions to break submissions, roll it in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction for the easiest method.


F = Favourite and S = Signature finisher: Unlike what most wrestling gamers are used to, F is not the finisher but rather the moves commonly used as spot moves during a match; the S is the finisher, you get to place one S on your moveset (anywhere) and 4 F’s.


Getting the color right: Get a pic of the guy you are making and open it in a paint program now. Use a color picker to select the color and take a note of the RGB value, first make a solid shape of the color next to your pic in the paint program to see if the color you picked looks correct. Now use the RGB values in Fire Pro when editing the color of your Edits.


Copy/Paste attires: Highlight the empty box [-] underneath the attire (costume) number you want to enable and click on it (press MED), and it will put a white ball in the box to say it is now active, now highlight the attire number box and either right-click or press your RUN button to bring up the copy-paste dialogue, press copy, now highlight the attire number you just activated and press RUN or right-click and choose paste, now you can make the adjustments to the attire you want.


Copy/Paste colors: Highlight the color box at the right-hand side of the sprite image, and you can use the RUN button or right-click and choose copy and paste that color into the color box of another sprite, thus saving time making notes of RGB values.


Copy/Paste costume parts: When editing between different costumes, you may want to copy just one part of a costume to another; simply highlight the Part label and press the RUN button or right-click and choose copy, now you can switch to your other costume and paste it in, and it will replace just that part. Sadly this can’t be done from one Edit to another to copy a costume to another wrestler.


Material Shininess: A little box is at the side of the color box on the right-hand side; you can change this between N, 1, 2, 3, and 4 for varying degrees of shininess. This will help make your clothing look like it has a different texture like plastic/vinyl, matt, silk, or leather.


Reorder Layers: So you spent ages making a cool necklace, but now you want to add a shirt, but the shirt covers the necklace, simply drag the layer up with your mouse left button or by holding the MED button and moving up and down so it is above the necklace in the layer order and now the draw order will adjust so that your necklace is drawn after the shirt thus putting it on the outside of the shirt.


Full hand gloves or skin-tight clothing: Go to a body part, and where it says Skin Colour, you will see you can switch between Combined and Part Separate, change it to Part Separate, and change the color of the skin next to the sprite, and it will only change the color for that part and not the entire body, this is good for if you want to make full hand gloves or skin-tight clothing.


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