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Firestone Idle RPG – Daily Quests

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Daily Quests

Early in the game, daily quests are somewhat important since you don’t get many missions and so the resources you get daily from missions is limited, the daily quests rewards are a nice addition to that. Some of them are difficult to complete and requires you to play for a long period of time or come back later in the day and do some stuff. Some planning goes a long way.


One quest you can ignore is the scroll missions. 6 scrolls for 2 items is a bad deal. After you unlock Exotic Merchant, each scroll is worth 80 coins. So to complete this quest, you need to spend 480 coins worth of scrolls to receive 2 items. 2 items are only worth 240 coins on average. So you’re at a loss here.


To make the “open 3 chests” quest easier, you have to save the chest you get from this quest for the next day. So you start the day with 1 chest, then early in the day you can start a chest mission, and later in the day, you can start another chest mission. You have 3 total. Open them. Accept the reward and hold onto that chest for the next day.


To make the “Train the guardian twice” quest easier, level up the “Trainer Skills” talent, and later in Firestone Research Tree 1, you can reduce the time for training even further. Lowering it down to 4 hours for each training.


The “complete 9 map missions” quest will mostly go to waste when your rank is low. But this, as well as every other quest, gets easier when rank goes up.


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